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SIC (Standard Industrial Classification Code)

01Agricultural production-crops
011Cash grains
0119Cash grains, not elsewhere classified
013Field crops, except cash grains
0133Sugarcane and sugar beets
0134Irish potatoes
0139Field crops, except cash grains, not elsewhere classified
016Vegetables and melons
0161Vegetables and melons
017Fruits and tree nuts
0171Berry crops
0173Tree nuts
0174Citrus fruits
0175Deciduous tree fruits
0179Fruits and tree nuts, not elsewhere classified
018Horticultural specialities
0181Ornamental floriculture and nursery products
0182Food crops grown under cover
019General farms, primarily crop
0191General farms, primarily crop
02Agricultural production-livestock and animal specialities
021Livestock, except dairy and poultry
0211Beef cattle feedlots
0212Beef cattle, except feedlots
0214Sheep and goats
0219General livestock, except dairy and poultry
024Dairy farms
0241Dairy farms
025Poultry and eggs
0251Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens
0252Chicken eggs
0253Turkeys and turkeys eggs
0254Poultry hatcheries
0259Poultry and eggs, not elsewhere classified
027Animal specialities
0271Fur-bearing animal and rabbits
0272Horses and other equines
0273Animal aquaculture
0279Animal specialities, not elsewhere classified
029General farms, primarily livestock and animal specialities
0291General farms, primarily livestock and animal specialities
07Agricultural services
071Soil preparation services
0711Soil preparation services
072Crop services
0721Crop planting, cultivating, and protecting
0722Crop harvesting, primarily by machine
0723Crop preparation services for market, except cotton ginning
0724Cotton ginning
074Veterinary services
0741Veterinary services for livestock
0742Veterinary services for animal specialities
075Animal services, except veterinary
0751Livestock services, except veterinary
0752Animal speciality services, except veterinary
076Farm labor and management services
0761Farm labor contractors and crew leaders
0762Farm management services
078Landscape and horticultural services
0781Landscape counseling and planning
0782Lawn and garden services
0783Ornamental shrub and tree services
081Timber tracts
0811Timber tracts
083Forest nurseries and gathering of forest products
0831Forest nurseries and gathering of forest products
085Forestry services
0851Forestry services
09Fishing, hunting and trapping
091Commercial fishing
0919Miscellaneous marine products
092Fish hatcheries and preserves
0921Fish hatcheries and preserves
097Hunting and trapping and game propagation
0971Hunting and trapping and game propagation
10Metal mining
101Iron ores
1011Iron ores
102Copper ores
1021Copper ores
103Lead and zinc ores
1031Lead and zinc ores
104Gold and silver ores
1041Gold ores
1044Silver ores
106Ferroalloy ores, except vanadium
1061Ferroalloy ores, except vanadium
108Metal mining services
1081Metal mining services
109Miscellaneous metal ores
1094Uranium- radium-vanadium ores
1099Miscellaneous metal ores, not elsewhere classified
12Coal mining
122Bituminous coal and lignite mining
1221Bituminous coal and lignite surface mining
1222Bituminous coal underground mining
123Anthracite mining
1231Anthracite mining
124Coal mining services
1241Coal mining services
13Oil and gas extraction
131Crude petroleum and natural gas
1311Crude petroleum and natural gas
132Natural gas liquids
1321Natural gas liquids
138Oil and gas fields services
1381Drilling oil and gas wells
1382Oil and gas field exploration services
1389Oil and gas field services, not elsewhere classified
14Mining and quarrying of nonmetallic minerals, except fuels
141Dimension stone
1411Dimension stone
142Crushed and broken stone, including riprap
1422Crushed and broken limestone
1423Crushed and broken granite
1429Crushed and broken stone, not elsewhere classified
144Sand and gravel
1442Construction sand and gravel
1446Industrial sand
145Clay, ceramic and refractory minerals
1455Kaolin and ball clay
1459Clay, ceramic and refractory minerals, not elsewhere classified
147Chemical and fertilizer mineral mining
1474Potash, soda and borate minerals
1475Phosphate rock
1479Chemical and fertilizer mineral mining, not elsewhere classified
148Nonmettalic minerals services, except fuels
1481Nonmettalic minerals services, except fuels
149Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuels
1499Miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuels
15Building construction-general contractors and operative builders
152General building contractors-residential buildings
1521General contractors-single-family houses
1522General contractors- residential buildings, other than single-family
153Operative builders
1531Operative builders
154General building contractors-nonresidential buildings
1541General contractors-Industrial buildings and warehouses
1542General contractors-Nonresidential buildings, other than industrial buildings and warehouses
16Heavy construction other than building construction-contractors
161Highway and street construction, except elevated highways
1611Highway and street construction, except elevated highways
162Heavy construction, except highway and street construction
1622Bridge, tunnel and elevated highway construction
1623Water, sewer, pipeline and communications and power line construction
1629Heavy construction, not elsewhere classified
17Construction-special trade contractors
171Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning
1711Plumbing, heating and air-conditioning
172Painting and paper hanging
1721Painting and paper hanging
173Electrical work
1731Electrical work
174Masonry, stonework, title setting and plastering
1741Masonry, stone setting and other stone work
1742Plastering, drywall, acoustical and insulation work
1743Terrazzo, tile, marble and mosaic w`?ork
175Carpentry and floor work
1751Carpentry work
1752Floor laying and other floor work, not elsewhere classified
176Roofing, siding and sheet metal work
1761Roofing, siding and sheet metal work
177Concrete work
1771Concrete work
178Water well drilling
1781Water well drilling
179Miscellaneous special trade contractors
1791Structural steel erection
1793Glass and glazing work
1794Excavation work
1795Wrecking and demolition work
1796Installation or Erection of building equipment, not elsewhere classified
1799Special trade contractors, not elsewhere classified
20Food and kindred products
201Meat products
2011Meat packing plants
2013Sausages and other prepared meat products
2015Poultry slaughtering and processing
202Dairy products
2021Creamery butter manufacturing
2022Natural, processed and imitation cheese manufacturing
2023Dry, condensed and evapored dairy products manufacturing
2024Ice cream and frozen desserts manufacturing
2026Fluid milk manufacturing
203Canned, frozen and preserved fruits, vegetables and food specialities manufacturing
2032Canned specialities manufacturing
2033Canned fruits, vegetables, preserves, jams and jellies manufacturing
2034Dried and dehydrated fruits, vegetables and soup mixes manufacturing
2035Pickled fruits and vegetables, vegetable sauces and seasonings, and salad dressings manufacturing
2037Frozen fruits, fruit juices and vegetables manufacturing
2038Frozen specialities, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
204Grain mill products
2041Flour and other grain mill products manufacturing
2043Cereal breakfast foods manufacturing
2044Rice milling manufacturing
2045Prepared flour mixes and doughs manufacturing
2046Wet corn milling manufacturing
2047Dog and cat food manufacturing
2048Prepared feeds and feed ingredients for animals and fowls, except dogs and cats manufacturing
205Bakery products manufacturing
2051Bread and other bakery products, except cookies and crackers manufacturing
2052Cookies and crackers manufacturing
2053Frozen backery products, except bread manufacturing
206Sugar and confectionery products manufacturing
2061Cane sugar, except refining
2062Cane sugar refining
2063Beet sugar
2064Candy and other confectionery products manufacturing
2066Chocolate and cocoa products manufacturing
2067Chewing gum manufacturing
2068Salted and roasted nuts and seeds manufacturing
207Fats and oils manufacturing
2074Cottonseed oil mills manufacturing
2075Soybean oil mills manufacturing
2076Vegetable oil mills, except corn, cottonseed and soybean
2077Animal and marine fats and oils
2079Shortening, table oils, margarine and other edible fats and oils, not elsewhere classified
2082Malt beverages
2084Wines, brandy and brandy spirits
2085Distilled and blended liquors
2086Bottled and canned soft drinks and carbonated waters
2087Flavoring extracts and flavoring syrups, not elsewhere classified
209Miscellaneous food preparations and kindres products
2091Canned and cured fish and seafoods
2092Prepared fresh or frozen fish and seafoods
2095Roasted coffee
2096Potato chips, corn chips and similar snacks
2097Manufactured ice
2098Macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli and noodles
2099Food preparations, not elsewhere classified
21Tobacco products manufacturing
211Cigarettes manufacturing
2111Cigarettes manufacturing
212Cigars manufacturing
2121Cigars manufacturing
213Chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff manufacturing
2131Chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff
214Tobacco stemming and redrying manufacturing
2141Tobacco stemming and redrying manufacturing
22Textile mill products manufacturing
221Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton manufacturing
2211Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
222Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade fiber and silk manufacturing
2221Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade fiber and silk manufacturing
223Broadwoven fabric mills, wool (including dyeing and finishing) manufacturing
2231Broadwoven fabric mills, wool (including dyeing and finishing) manufacturing
224Narrow fabric and other smallwares mills : cotton, wool, silk and manmade fiber manufacturing
2241Narrow fabric and other smallwares mills : cotton, wool, silk and manmade fiber manufacturing
225Knitting mills manufacturing
2251Women's full-length and knee-length hosiery, except socks manufacturing
2252Hosiery, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
2253Knit outerwear mills manufacturing
2254Knit underwear and nightwear mills manufacturing
2257Weft knit fabric mills manufacturing
2258Lace and warp knit fabric mills manufacturing
2259Knitting mills, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
226Dyeing and finishing textiles, except wool fabrics and knit goods manufacturing
2261Finishers of broadwoven fabrics of cotton manufacturing
2262Finishers of broadwoven fabrics of manmade fiber and silk manufacturing
2269Finishers of textiles, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
227Carpets and rugs manufacturing
2273Carpets and rugs manufacturing
228Yarn and thread mills manufacturing
2281Yarn spinning mills manufacturing
2282Yarn texturizing, throwing, twisting and winding mills manufacturing
2284Thread mills manufacturing
229Miscellaneous textile goods manufacturing
2295Coated fabrics, not rubberized manufacturing
2296Tire cord and fabrics manufacturing
2297Nonwoven fabrics manufacturing
2298Cordage and twine manufacturing
2299Textile goods, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
23Apparel and other finished products made from fabrics and similar materials manufacturing
231Men's and boys' suits, coats and overcoats manufacturing
2311Men's and boys' suits, coats and overcoats manufacturing
232Men's and boys' furnishings, work clothing and allied garments manufacturing
2321Men's and boys' shirts, except work shirts manufacturing
2322Men's and boys' underwear and nightwear manufacturing
2323Men's and boys' neckwear manufacturing
2325Men's and boys' separate trousers and slacks manufacturing
2326Men's and boys' work clothing manufacturing
2329Men's and boys' clothing, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
233Women's, misses' and juniors' outerwear manufacturing
2331Women's, misses' and juniors' blouses and shirts manufacturing
2335Women's, misses' and juniors' dresses manufacturing
2337Women's, misses' and juniors' suits, skirts and coats manufacturing
2339Women's, misses' and juniors' outerwear not elsewhere classified
234Women's, misses', children's and infants undergarments manufacturing
2341Women's, misses', children's and infants' underwear and nightwear manufacturing
2342Brassieres, girdles and allied garments manufacturing
235Hats, caps and millinery manufacturing
2353Hats, caps and millinery manufacturing
236Girls', children's and infants' outerwear manufacturing
2361Girls', children's and infants' dresses, blouses and shirts manufacturing
2369Girls?????A ', children's and infants' outerwear, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
237Fur goods manufacturing
2371Fur goods manufacturing
238Miscellaneous apparel and accessories manufacturing
2381Dress and work gloves, except knit and all-leather manufacturing
2384Robes and dressing gowns manufacturing
2385Waterproof outerwear manufacturing
2386Leather and sheep-lined clothing manufacturing
2387Apparel belts manufacturing
2389Apparel and accessories, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
239Miscellaneous fabricated textile products manufacturing
2391Curtains and draperies manufacturing
2392Housefurnishings, except curtains and draperies manufacturing
2393Textile bags manufacturing
2394Canvas and related products manufacturing
2395Pleating, decorative and novelty stitching and tucking for the trade manufacturing
2396Automotive trimmings, apparel findings and related products manufacturing
2397Schiffli machine embroideries manufacturing
2399Fabricated textile products, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
24Lumber and wood products, except furniture manufacturing
242Sawmills and planing mills
2421Sawmills and planing mills, general
2426Hardwood dimension and flooring mills
2429Special product sawmills, not elsewhere classified
243Millwork, veneer, plywood and structural wood members
2434Wood kitchen cabinets
2435Hardwood veneer and plywood
2436Softwood veneer and plywood
2439Structural wood members, not elsewhere classified
244Wood containers
2441Nailed and lock corner wood boxes and shook
2448Wood pallets and skids
2449Wood containers, not elsewhere classified
245Wood buildings and mobile homes
2451Mobile homes
2452Prefabricated wood buildings and components
249Miscellaneous wood products manufacturing
2491Wood preserving manufacturing
2493Reconstituted wood products manufacturing
2499Wood products, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
25Furniture and fixtures manufacturing
251Household furniture manufacturing
2511Wood household furniture, except upholstered manufacturing
2512Wood household furniture, upholstered manufacturing
2514Metal household furniture manufacturing
2515Mattresses, foundations and convertible beds manufacturing
2517Wood television, radio, phonograph and sewing machine cabinets manufacturing
2519Household furniture, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
252Office furniture manufacturing
2521Wood office furniture manufacturing
2522Office furniture, except wood manufacturing
253Public building and related furniture manufacturing
2531Public building and related furniture manufacturing
254Partitions, shelving, lockers and office and store fixtures manufacturing
2541Wood office and store fixtures, partitions, shelving and lockers manufacturing
2542Office and store fixtures, partitions, shelving and lockers, except wood manufacturing
259Miscellaneous furniture and fixtures manufacturing
2591Drapery hardware and window blinds and shades manufacturing
2599Furniture and fixtures, not elsewhere classfied manufacturing
26Paper and allied products manufacturing
261Pulp mills manufacturing
2611Pulp mills manufacturing
262Paper mills manufacturing
2621Paper mills manufacturing
263Paperboard mills manufacturing
2631Paperboard mills manufacturing
265Paperboard containers and boxes manufacturing
2652Setup paperboard boxes manufacturing
2653Corrugated and solid fiber boxes manufacturing
2655Fiber cans, tubes, drums and similar products manufacturing
2656Sanitary food containers, except folding manufacturing
2657Folding paperboard boxes, including sanitary manufacturing
267Converted paper and paperboard products, except containers and boxes manufacturing
2671Packaging paper and plastics film, coated and laminated manufacturing
2672Coated and laminated paper, not elsewhere classified manufacturing
2673Plastics, foil and coated paper bags manufacturing
2674Uncoated paper and multiwall bags manufacturing
2675Die-cut paper and paperboard and cardboard manufacturing
2676Sanitary paper products manufacturing
2677Envelopes manufacturing
2678Stationery, tablets and related products manufacturing
2679Converted paper and paperboard products, not elsewhere classified
27Printing, publishing and allied industries
271Newspapers publishing or publishing and printing
2711Newspapers publishing or publishing and printing
272Periodicals : publishing or publishing and printing
2721Periodicals : publishing or publishing and printing
2731Books : publishing or publishing and printing
2732Book printing
274Miscellaneous publishing
2741Miscellaneous publishing
275Commercial printing
2752Commercial printing, lithographic
2754Commercial printing, gravure
2759Commercial printing, not elsewhere classified
276Manifold business forms
2761Manifold business forms
277Greeting cards
2771Greeting cards
278Blankbooks, looseleaf binders and bookbinding and related work
2782Blankbooks, looseleaf binders and devices
2789Bookbinding and related work
279Service industries for the printing trade
2796Platemaking and related services
28Chemicals and allied products manufacturing
281Industrial inorganic chemicals manufacturing
2812Alkalies and chlorine manufacturing
2813Industrial gases manufacturing
2816Inorganic pigments manufacturing
2819Industrial inorganic chemicals, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
282Plastics materials and synthetic resins, synthetic rubber, cellulosic and other manmadefibers, except glass manufacturing
2821Plastic materials, synthetic resins and nonvulcanizable elastomers manufacturing
2822Synthetic rubber manufacturing
2823Cellulosic manmade fibers manufacturing
2824Manmade organic fibers, except cellulosic manufacturing
2833Medicinal chemicals and botanical products manufacturing
2834Pharmaceutical preparations manufacturing
2835In vitro and in vivo diagnostic substances manufacturing
2836Biological products, except diagnostic substances manufacturing
284Soap, detergents and cleaning preparations, perfumes, cosmetics and other toilet preparations manufacturing
2841Soap and other detergents, except specialty cleaners manufacturing
2842Specialty cleaning, polishing and sanitation preparations manufacturing
2843Surface active agents, finishing agents, sulfonated oils and assistants manufacturing
2844Perfumes, cosmetics and other toilet preparations manufacturing
285Paints, varnishes, lacquers, enamels and allied products manufacturing
2851Paints, varnishes, lacquers, enamels and allied products manufacturing
286Industrial organic chemicals manufacturing
2861Gum and wood chemicals manufacturing
2865Cyclic organic crudes and intermediates and organic dyes and pigments manufacturing
2869Industrial organic chemicals, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
287Agricultural chemicals manufacturing
2873Nitrogenous fertilizers manufacturing
2874Phosphatic fertilizers manufacturing
2875Fertilizers, mixing only manufacturing
2879Pesticides and agricultural chemicals, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
289Miscellaneous chemical products manufacturing
2891Adhesive and sealants manufacturing
2892Explosives manufacturing
2893Printing ink manufacturing
2895Carbon black manufacturing
2899Chemicals and chemical preparations, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
29Petroleum refining and related industries
291Petroleum refining
2911Petroleum refining
295Asphalt paving and roofing materials manufacturing
2951Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks manufacturing
2952Asphalt felts and coatings manufacturing
299Miscellaneous products of petroleum and coal manufacturing
2992Lubricating oils and greases manufacturing
2999Products of petroleum and coal, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
30Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products manufacturing
301Tires and inner tubes manufacturing
3011Tires and inner tubes manufacturing
302Rubber and plastics footwear manufacturing
3021Rubber and plastics footwear manufacturing
305Gaskets, packing and sealing devices and rubber and plastics hose and belting manufacturing
3052Rubber and plastics hose and belting manufacturing
3053Gaskets, packing and sealing devices manufacturing
306Fabricated rubber products, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
3061Molded, extruded and lathe-cut mechanical rubber goods manufacturing
3069Fabricated rubber products, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
308Miscellaneous plastics products manufacturing
3081Unsupported plastics film and sheet manufacturing
3082Unsupported plastics profile shapes manufacturing
3083Laminated plastics plate, sheet, and profile shapes manufacturing
3084Plastics pipe manufacturing
3085Plastics bottles manufacturing
3086Plastics foam products manufacturing
3087Custom compounding of purchased plastics resins manufacturing
3088Plastics plumbing fixtures manufacturing
3089Plastic products, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
31Leather and leather products manufacturing
311Leather tanning and finishing manufacturing
3111Leather tanning and finishing manufacturing
313Boot and shoe cut stock and findings manufacturing
3131Boot and shoe cut stock and findings manufacturing
314Footwear, except rubber manufacturing
3142House slippers manufacturing
3143Men's footwear, except athletic manufacturing
3144Women's footwear, except athletic manufacturing
3149Footwear, except rubber, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
315Leather gloves and mittens manufacturing
3151Leather gloves and mittens manufacturing
316Luggage manufacturing
3161Luggage manufacturing
317Handbags and other personal leather goods manufacturing
3171Women's handbags and purses manufacturing
3172Personal leather goods, except women's handbags and purses manufacturing
319Leather goods, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
3199Leather goods, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
32Stone, clay, glass and concrete products manufacturing
321Flat glass manufacturing
3211Flat glass manufacturing
322Glass and glassware, pressed or blown manufacturing
3221Glass containers manufacturing
3229Pressed and blown glass and glassware, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
323Glass products, made of purchased glass manufacturing
3231Glass products, made of purchased glass manufacturing
324Cement, hydraulic manufacturing
3241Cement, hydraulic manufacturing
325Structural clay products manufacturing
3251Brick and structural clay tile manufacturing
3253Ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing
3255Clay refractories manufacturing
3259Structural clay products, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
326Pottery and related products manufacturing
3261Vitreous china plumbing fixtures and china and earthenware fittings and bathroom accessories manufacturing
3262Vitreous china table and kitchen articles manufacturing
3263Fine earthenware (whiteware) table and kitchen articles manufacturing
3264Porcelein electrical supplies manufacturing
3269Pottery products, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
327Concrete, gypsum and plaster products manufacturing
3271Concrete block and brick manufacturing
3272Concrete products, except block and brick manufacturing
3273Ready-mixed concrete manufacturing
3275Gypsum products manufacturing
328Cut stone and stone products manufacturing
3281Cut stone and stone products manufacturing
329Abrasive, asbestos and miscellaneous nonmettalic mineral products
3291Abrasive products manufacturing
3292Asbestos products manufacturing
3295Mineral and earths, ground or otherwise treated manufacturing
3296Mineral wool manufacturing
3297Nonclay refractories manufacturing
3299Nonmetallic mineral products, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
33Primary metal industries manufacturing
331Steel works, blast furnaces and rolling and finishing manufacturing
3312Steel works, blast furnaces (including coke ovens) and rolling mills manufacturing
3313Electrometallurgical products, except steel manufacturing
3315Steel wiredrawing and steel nails and spikes manufacturing
3316Cold-rolled steel sheet, strip and bars manufacturing
3317Steel pipe and tubes manufacturing
332Iron and steel foundries
3321Gray and ductile iron foundries
3322Malleable iron foundries
3324Steel investment foundries
3325Steel foundries, not elsewhere specified
333Primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals
3331Primary smelting and refining of copper
3334Primary production of aluminium
3339Primary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminium
334Secondary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals
3341Secondary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals
335Rolling, drawing and extruding of nonferrous metals
3351Rolling, drawing and extruding of copper
3353Aluminium sheet, plate and foil
3354Aluminium extruded products
3355Aluminium rolling and drawing, not elsewhere specified
3356Rolling, drawing and extruding of nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminium
3357Drawing and insulating of nonferrous wire
336Nonferrous foundries (castings)
3363Aluminium die-castings
3364Nonferrous die-castings, except aluminium
3365Aluminium foundries
3366Copper foundries
3369Nonferrous foundries, except aluminium and copper
339Miscellaneous primary metal products
3398Metal heat treating
3399Primary metal products, not elsewhere specified
34Fabricated metal products, except machinery and transportation equipment
341Metal cans and shipping containers
3411Metal cans
3412Metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs and pails
342Cutlery, handtools and general hardware
3423Hand and edge tools, except machine tools and handsaws
3425Saw blades and handsaws
3429Hardware, not elsewhere specified
343Heating equipment, except electric and warm air, and plumbing fixtures
3431Enameled iron and metal sanitary ware
3432Plumbing fixture fittings and trim
3433Heating equipment, except electric and warm air furnaces
344Fabricated structural metal products
3441Fabricated structural metal
3442Metal doors, sash, frames, molding and trim
3443Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)
3444Sheet metal work
3446Architectural and ornamental metal work
3448Prefabricated metal buildings and components
3449Miscellaneous structural metal work
345Screw machine products, and bolts, nuts, screws, rivets and washers
3451Screw machine products
3452Bolts, nuts, screws, rivets and washers
346Metal forgings and stampings
3462Iron and steel forgings
3463Nonferrous forgings
3465Automotive stampings
3466Crowns and closures
3469Metal stampings, not elsewhere specified
347Coating, engraving and allied services
3471Electroplating, plating, polishing, anodizing and coloring
3479Coating, engraving and allied services, not elsewhere specified
348Ordnance and accessories, except vehicles and guided missiles
3482Small arms ammunition
3483Ammunition, except for small arms
3484Small arms
3489Ordnance and accessories, not elsewhere specified
349Miscellaneous fabricated metal products
3491Industrial valves
3492Fluid power valves and hose fittings
3493Steel springs, except wire
3494Valves and pipe fittings, not elsewhere specified
3495Wire springs
3496Miscellaneous fabricated wire products
3497Metal foil and leaf
3498Fabricated pipe and pipe fittings
3499Fabricated metal products, not elsewhere specified
35Industrial and commercial machinery and computer equipment
351Engines and turbines
3511Steam, gas and hydraulic turbines and turbine generator set units
3519Internal combustion engines, not elsewhere specified
352Farm and garden machinery and equipment
3523Farm machinery and equipment
3524Lawn and garden tractors and home lawn and garden equipment
353Construction, mining and materials handling machinery and equipment
3531Construction machinery and equipment
3532Mining machinery and equipment, except oil and gas field machinery and equipment
3533Oil and gas field machinery and equipment
3534Elevators and moving stairways
3535Conveyors and conveying equipment
3536Overhead traveling cranes, hoists and monorail systems
3537Industrial trucks, tractors, trailers and stackers
354Metalworking machinery and equipment
3541Machine tools, metal cutting types
3542Machine tools, metal forming types
3543Industrial patterns
3544Special dies and tools, dis sets, jigs and fixtures, and industrial molds
3545Cutting tools, machine tool accessories and machinists' precision measering devices
3546Power-driven handtools
3547Rolling mill machinery and equipment
3548Electric and gas welding and soldering equipment
3549Metalworking machinery, not elsewhere specified
355Special industry machinery, except metalworking machinery
3552Textile machinery
3553Woodworking machinery
3554Paper industries machinery
3555Printing trades machinery and equipment
3556Food products machinery
3559Special industry machinery, not elsewhere specified
356General industrial machinery and equipment
3561Pumps and pumping equipment
3562Ball and roller bearings
3563Air and gas compressors
3564Industrial and commercial fans and blowers and air purification equipment
3565Packaging machinery
3566Speed changers, industrial high-speed drives, and gears
3567Industrial process furnaces and ovens
3568Mechanical power transmission equipment, not elsewhere specified
3569General industrial machinery and equipment, not elsewhere specified
357Computer and office equipment
3571Electronic computers
3572Computer storage devices
3575Computer terminals
3577Computer peripheral equipment, not elsewhere specified
3578Calculating and accounting machines, except electronic computers
3579Office machines, not elsewhere specified
358Refrigeration and service industry machinery
3581Automatic vending machines
3582Commercial laundry, drycleaning and pressing machines
3585Air-conditionning and warm air heating equipment and commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment
3586Measuring and dispensing pumps
3589Service industry machinery, not elsewhere specified
359Miscellaneous industrial and commercial machinery and equipment
3592Carburetors, pistons, piston rings and valves
3593Fluid power cylinders and actuators
3594Fluid power pumps and motors
3596Scales and balances, except laboratory
3599Industrial and commercial machinery and equipment, not elsewhere specified
36Electronic and other electrical equipment and components, except computer equipment
361Electric transmission and distribution equipment
3612Power, distribution and specialty transformers
3613Switchgear and switchboard apparatus
362Electrical industrial apparatus
3621Motors and generators
3624Carbon and graphite products
3625Relays and industrial controls
3629Electrical industrial apparatus, not elsewhere specified
363Household appliances
3631Household cooking equipment
3632Household refrigerators and home and farm freezers
3633Household laundry equipment
3634Electric housewares and fans
3635Household vacuum cleaners
3639Household appliances, not elsewhere specified
364Electric lighting and wiring equipment
3641Electric lamp bulbs and tubes
3643Current-carrying wiring devices
3644Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices
3645Residential electric lighting fixtures
3646Commercial, industrial and institutional electric lighting fixtures
3647Vehicular lighting equipment
3648Lighting equipment, not elsewhere specified
365Household audio and video equipment, and audio recordings
3651Household audio and video equipment
3652Phonograph records and prerecorded audio tapes and disks
366Communications equipment
3661Telephone and telegraph apparatus
3663Radio and television broadcasting and communications equipment
3669Communications equipment, not elsewhere specified
367Electronic components and accessories
3671Electron tubes
3672Printed circuit boards
3674Semiconductors and related devices
3675Electronic capacitors
3676Electronic resistors
3677Electronic coils, transformers and other inductors
3678Electronic connectors
3679Electronic components, not elsewhere specified
369Miscellaneous electrical machinery, equipment and supplies
3691Storage batteries
3692Primary batteries, dry and wet
3694Electrical equipment for internal combustion engines
3695Magnetic and optical recording media
3699Electrical machinery, equipment and supplies, not elsewhere specified
37Transportation equipment manufacturing
371Motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment manufacturing
3711Motor vehicles and passenger car bodies manufacturing
3713Truck and bus bodies manufacturing
3714Motor vehicle parts and accessories manufacturing
3715Truck trailers manufacturing manufacturing
3716Motor homes manufacturing
372Aircraft and parts manufacturing
3721Aircraft manufacturing
3724Aircraft engines and engine parts manufacturing
3728Aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
373Ship and boat building and repairing
3731Ship building and repairing
3732Boat building and repairing
374Railroad equipment manufacturing
3743Railroad equipment manufacturing
375Motorcycles, bicycles and parts manufacturing
3751Motorcycles, bicycles and parts manufacturing
376Guided missiles and space vehicles and parts manufacturing
3761Guided missiles and space vehicles manufacturing
3764Guided missile and space vehicle propulsion units and propulsion unit parts manufacturing
3769Guided missile and space vehicle parts and auxiliary equipment, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
379Miscellaneous transportation equipment manufacturing
3792Travel trailers and campers manufacturing
3795Tanks and tank components manufacturing
3799Transportation equipment, not elsewhere specified manufacturing
38Measuring, analyzing and controlling instruments; photographic, medical and optical goods; watches and clocks manufacturing
381Search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical and nautical systems and instruments manufacturing
3812Search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical and nautical systems and instruments manufacturing
382Laboratory apparatus and analytical, optical, measuring, and controoling instruments manufacturing
3821Laboratory apparatus and furniture manufacturing
3822Automatic controls for regulating residential and commercial environnements and appliances
3823Industrial instruments for measurement, display and control of process variables and related products
3824Totalizing fluid meters and counting devices
3825Instruments for measuring and testing of electricity and electrical signals
3826Laboratory analytical instruments
3827Optical instruments and lenses
3829Measuring and controlling devices, not elsewhere specified
384Surgical, medical and dental instruments and supplies
3841Surgical and medical instruments and apparatus
3842Orthopedic, prosthetic and surgical appliances and supplies
3843Dental equipment and supplies
3844X-ray apparatus and tubes and related irradiation apparatus
3845Electromedical and electrotherapeutic apparatus
385Ophthalmic goods
3851Ophthalmic goods
386Photographic equipment and supplies
3861Photographic equipment and supplies
387Watches, clocks, clockwork operated devices and parts
3873Watches, clocks, clockwork operated devices and parts
39Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
391Jewelry, silverware, and plated ware
3911Jewelry, precious metal
3914Silverware, plated ware and stainless steel ware
3915Jewelers' findings and materials and lapidary work
393Musical instruments
3931Musical instruments
394Dolls, toys, games and sporting and athletic goods
3942Dolls and stuffed toys
3944Games, toys and children's vehicles, except dolls and bicycles
3949Sporting and athletic goods, not elsewhere specified
395Pens, pencils and other artists' materials
3951Pens, mechanical pencils and parts
3952Lead pencils, crayons and artists' materials
3953Marking devices
3955Carbon paper and inked ribbons
396Costume jewelry and costume novelties, buttons and miscellaneous notions, except precious metal
3961Costume jewelry and costume novelties, except precious metal
3965Fasteners, buttons, needles and pins
399Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
3991Brooms and brushes
3993Signs and advertising specialities
3995Burial caskets
3996Linoleum, asphalted-felt-base, and other hard surface floor coverings, not elsewhere specified
3999Manufacturing industries, not elsewhere specified
40Railroad transportation
4011Railroads, line-haul operating
4013Railroad switching and terminal establishments
41Local and suburban transit and interurbain highway passenger transportation
411Local and suburban passenger transportation
4111Local and suburban transit
4119Local passenger transportation, not elsewhere specified
413Intercity and rural bus transportation
4131Intercity and rural bus transportation
414Bus charter service
4141Local bus charter service
4142Bus charter service, except local
415School buses
4151School buses
417Terminal and service facilities for motor vehicle passenger transportation
4173Terminal and service facilities for motor vehicle passenger transportation
42Motor freight transportation and warehousing
421Trucking and courier services, except air
4212Local trucking without storage
4213Trucking, except local
4214Local trucking with storage
4215Courier services, except by air
422Public warehousing and storage
4221Farm product warehousing and storage
4222Refrigerated warehousing and storage
4225General warehousing and storage
4226Special warehousing and storage, not elsewhere specified
423Terminal and joint terminal maintenance facilities for motor freight transportation
4231Terminal and joint terminal maintenance facilities for motor freight transportation
43United States postal service
431United States postal service
4311United States postal service
44Water transportation
441Deep sea foreign transportation of freight
4412Deep sea foreign transportation of freight
442Deep sea domestic transportation of freight
4424Deep sea domestic transportation of freight
443Freight transportation on the great-lakes
4432Freight transportation on the great-lakes
444Water transportation of freight, not elsewhere specified
4449Water transportation of freight, not elsewhere specified
448Water transportation of passengers
4481Deep sea transportation of passengers, except by ferry
4489Water transportation of passengers, not elsewhere specified
449Services incidental to water transportation
4491Marine cargo handling
4492Towing and tugboat services
4499Water transportation services, not elsewhere specified
45Transportation by air
451Air transportation, scheduled and air courier services
4512Air transportation, scheduled
4513Air courier services
452Air transportation, nonscheduled
4522Air transportation, nonscheduled
458Airports, flying fields and airport terminal services
4581Airports, flying fields and airport terminal services
46Pipelines, except natural gas
461Pipelines, except natural gas
4612Crude petroleum pipelines
4613Refined petroleum pipelines
4619Pipelines, not elsewhere specified
47Transportation services
472Arrangement of passenger transportation
4724Travel agencies
4725Tour operators
4729Arrangement of passenger transportation, not elsewhere specified
473Arrangement of transportation of freight and cargo
4731Arrangement of transportation of freight and cargo
474Rental of railroad cars
4741Rental of railroad cars
478Miscellaneous services incidental to transportation
4783Packing and crating
4785Fixed facilities and inspection and weighing services for motor vehicle transportation
4789Transportation services, not elsewhere specified
481Telephone communications
4812Radiotelephone communications
4813Telephone communications, except radiotelephone
482Telegraph and other message communications
4822Telegraph and other message communications
483Radio and television broadcasting stations
4832Radio broadcasting stations
4833Television broadcasting
484Cable and other pay television services
4841Cable and other pay television services
489Communications services, not elsewhere specified
4899Communications services, not elsewhere specified
49Electric, gas and sanitary services
491Electric services
4911Electric services
492Gas production and distribution
4922Natural gas transmission
4923Natural gas transmission and distribution
4924Natural gas distribution
4925Mixed, manufactured, or liquefied petroleum gas production and/or distribution
493Combination electric and gas, and other utility services
4931Electric and other services combined
4932Gas and other services combined
4939Combination utilities, not elsewhere specified
494Water supply
4941Water supply
495Sanitary services
4952Sewerage systems
4953Refuse systems
4959Sanitary services, not elsewhere specified
496Steam and air-conditionning supply
4961Steam and air-conditionning supply
497Irrigation systems
4971Irrigation systems
50Wholesale trade, durable goods
501Motor vehicules and motor vehicule parts and supplies wholesale dealing in
5012Automobiles and Other Motor Vehicles wholesale dealing in
5013Motor vehicle supplies and new parts wholesale dealing in
5014Tires and tubes wholesale dealing in
5015Motor vehicle parts used wholesale dealing in
502Furniture and homefurnishings wholesale dealing in
5021Furniture wholesale dealing in
5023Homefurnishings wholesale dealing in
503Lumber and other construction materials wholesale dealing in
5031Lumber, plywood, millwork, and wood panels wholesale dealing in
5032Brick, stone, and related constuction materials wholesale dealing in
5033Roofing, siding, and insulation materials wholesale dealing in
5039Construction materials, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
504Professional and commercial equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5043Photographic equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5044Office equipment wholesale dealing in
5045Computers and computer peripheral equipment and software wholesale dealing in
5046Commercial equipment not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
5047Medical, dental, and hospital equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5048Ophthalmic goods wholesale dealing in
5049Professional equipment and supplies, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
505Metals and minerals, except petroleum wholesale dealing in
5051Metals service centers and offices wholesale dealing in
5052Coal and other minerals and ores wholesale dealing in
506Electrical goods wholesale dealing in
5063Electrical apparatus and equipment, wiring supplies and construction materials wholesale dealing in
5064Electrical appliances, television and radio sets wholesale dealing in
5065Electronic parts and equipment, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
507Hardware, and plumbing and heating equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5072Hardware wholesale dealing in
5074Plumbing and heating equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5075Warm air heating and air-conditioning equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5078Refrigeration equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
508Machinery, equipment, and supplies wholesale dealing in
5082Construction and mining machinery and equipment wholesale dealing in
5083Farm and garden machinery and equipment wholesale dealing in
5084Industrial machinery and equipment wholesale dealing in
5085Industrial supplies wholesale dealing in
5087Service establishment equipment and supplies wholesale dealing in
5088Transportation equipment and supplies, except motor vehicles wholesale dealing in
509Miscellaneous durable goods wholesale dealing in
5091Sporting and recreational goods and supplies wholesale dealing in
5092Toys and hobby goods and supplies wholesale dealing in
5093Scrap and waste materials wholesale dealing in
5094Jewelry, watches, precious stones, and precious metals wholesale dealing in
5099Durable goods, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
51Wholesale trade, nondurable goods wholesale dealing in
511Paper and paper products wholesale dealing in
5111Printing and writing paper wholesale dealing in
5112Stationery and office supplies wholesale dealing in
5113Industrial and personal service paper wholesale dealing in
512Drugs, drug proprietaries, and druggists'sundries wholesale dealing in
5122Drugs, drug proprietaries, and druggists'sundries wholesale dealing in
513Apparel, piece goods, and notions wholesale dealing in
5131Piece goods, notions, and other dry goods wholesale dealing in
5136Men's and boy's clothing and furnishings wholesale dealing in
5137Women's, children's, and infant's clothing and accessories wholesale dealing in
5139Footwear wholesale dealing in
514Groceries and related products wholesale dealing in
5141Groceries, general line wholesale dealing in
5142Packaged frozen foods wholesale dealing in
5143Dairy products, except dried or canned wholesale dealing in
5144Poultry and poultry products wholesale dealing in
5145Confectionery wholesale dealing in
5146Fish and seafoods wholesale dealing in
5147Meats and meat products wholesale dealing in
5148Fresh fruits and vegetables wholesale dealing in
5149Groceries and related products, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
515Farm product raw materials wholesale dealing in
5153Grain and field beans wholesale dealing in
5154Livestock wholesale dealing in
5159Farm product raw materials, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
516Chemicals and allied products wholesale dealing in
5162Plastics materials and basic forms and shapes wholesale dealing in
5169Chemicals and allied products, not elsewhere classified wholesale dealing in
517Petroleum and petroleum products wholesale dealing in
5171Petroleum bulk stations and terminals wholesale dealing in
5172Petroleum and petroleum products wholesalers, except bulk stations and terminals
518Beer, wine, and distilled alcoholic beverages wholesale dealing in
5181Beer and ale wholesale dealing in
5182Wine and distilled alcolholic beverages wholesale dealing in
519Miscellaneous nondurable goods wholesale dealing in
5191Farm supplies wholesale dealing in
5192Books, periodicals, and newspapers wholesale dealing in
5193Flowers, nursery stock, and florists' supplies wholesale dealing in
5194Tobacco and tobacco products wholesale dealing in
5198Paints, varnishes, and supplies wholesale dealing in
5199Nondurable goods, not elsewhere classified
52Building materials, hardware, garden supply, and mobile home dealers wholesale dealing in
521Lumber and other building materials dealers
5211Lumber and other building materials dealers
523Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores wholesale dealing in
5231Paint, glass, and wallpaper stores wholesale dealing in
525Hardware stores wholesale dealing in
5251Hardware stores wholesale dealing in
526Retail nurseries, lawn and garden supply stores
5261Retail nurseries, lawn and garden supply stores
527Mobile home dealers
5271Mobile home dealers
53General merchandise stores
531Department stores
5311Department stores
533Variety stores
5331Variety stores
539Miscellaneous general merchandise stores
5399Miscellaneous general merchandise stores
54Food stores
541Grocery stores
5411Grocery stores
542Meat and fish markets, including freezer provisioners
5421Meat and fish markets, including freezer provisioners retail dealing in
543Fruit and vegetable markets retail dealing in
5431Fruit and vegetable markets
544Candy, nut and confectionery stores
5441Candy, nut and confectionery stores
545Dairy products stores
5451Dairy products stores
546Retail bakeries
5461Retail bakeries
549Miscellaneous food stores
5499Miscellaneous food stores
55Automotive dealers and gasoline service stations
551Motor vehicle dealers new and used
5511Motor vehicle dealers new and used
552Motor vehicle dealers used only
5521Motor vehicle dealers used only
553Auto and home supply stores
5531Auto and home supply stores
554Gasoline service stations
5541Gasoline service stations
555Boat dealers
5551Boat dealers
556Recreational vehicle dealers
5561Recreational vehicle dealers
557Motorcycle dealers
5571Motorcycle dealers
559Automotive dealers, not elsewhere classified
5599Automotive dealers, not elsewhere classified
56Apparel and accessory stores
561Men's and boys' clothing and accessory stores
5611Men's and boys' clothing and accessory stores
562Women's clothing stores
5621Women's clothing stores
563Women's accessory and specialty stores
5632Women's accessory and specialty stores
564Children's and infant's wear stores
5641Children's and infant's wear stores
565Family clothing stores
5651Family clothing stores
566Shoe stores
5661Shoe stores
569Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores
5699Miscellaneous apparel and accessory stores
57Home furniture, furnishings, and equipment stores
571Home furniture and furnishings stores
5712Furniture stores
5713Floor covering stores
5714Drapery, curtain, and upholstery stores
5719Miscellaneous homefurnishings stores
572Household appliance stores
5722Household appliance stores
573Radio, television, consumer electronics stores, and music stores
5731Radio, television, and consumer electronics stores
5734Computer and computer software stores
5735Record and prerecorded tape stores
5736Musical instrument stores
58Eating and drinking places
581Eating and drinking places
5812Eating places
5813Drinking places (Alcoholoc beverages)
59Miscellaneous retail
591Drug stores and proprietary stores
5912Drug stores and proprietary stores
592Liquor stores
5921Liquor stores
593Used merchandise stores
5932Used merchandise stores
594Miscellaneous shopping goods stores
5941Sporting goods stores and bicycle shops
5942Books stores
5943Stationery stores
5944Jewelry stores
5945Hobby, toy, and game shops
5946Camera and photographic supply stores
5947Gift, novelty, and souvenir shops
5948Luggage and leather goods stores
5949Sewing, needlework, and piece goods stores
596Nonstore retailers
5961Catalog and mail-order houses
5962Automatic merchandising machine operators
5963Direct selling establishments
598Fuel dealers
5983Fuel oil dealers
5984Liquefied petroleum gas dealers
5989Fuel dealers, not elsewhere classified
599Retail stores, not elsewhere classified
5993Tobacco stores and stands
5994News dealers and newsstands
5995Optical goods stores
5999Miscellaneous retail stores, not elsewhere classified
60Depository institutions
601Central reserve depository institutions
6011Federal reserve banks
6019Central reserve depository institutions, not elsewhere classified
602Commercial banks
6021National commercial banks
6022State commercial banks
6029Commercial banks, not elsewhere classified
603Savings institutions
6035Savings institutions, federally chartered
6036Savings institutions, not federally chartered
606Credit unions
6061Credit unions federally chartered
6062Credit unions, not federally chartered
608Foreign banking and branches and agencies of foreign banks
6081Branches and agencies of foreign banks
6082Foreign trade and international banking institutions
609Functions related to depository banking
6091Nondeposit trust facilities
6099Functions related to depository banking, not elsewhere classified
61Nondepository credit institutions
611Federal and fererally-sponsored credit agencies
6111Federal and fererally-sponsored credit agencies
614Personal credit institutions
6141Personal credit institutions
615Business credit institutions
6153Short-term business credit institutions, except agricultural
6159Miscellaneous business credit institutions
616Mortgage bankers and brokers
6162Mortgage bankers loan correspondents
6163Loan brokers
62Security and commodity brokers, dealers, exchangers, and services
621Security brokers, dealers, and flotation companies
6211Security brokers, dealers, and flotation companies
622Commodity contracts brokers and dealers
6221Commodity contracts brokers and dealers
623Security and commodity exchanges
6231Security and commodity exchanges
628Services allied with the exchange of securities or commodities
6282Investment advice
6289Services allied with the exchange of securities or commodities, not elsewhere classified
63Insurance carriers
631Life insurance
6311Life insurance
632Accident and health insurance and medical service plans
6321Accident and health insurance
6324Hospital and medical service plans
633Fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6331Fire, marine, and casualty insurance
635Surety insurance
6351Surety insurance
636Title insurance
6361Title insurance
637Pension, health, and welfare funds
6371Pension, health, and welfare funds
639Insurance carriers, not elsewhere classified
6399Insurance carriers, not elsewhere classified
64Insurance agents, brokers, and service
641Insurance agents, brokers, and service
6411Insurance agents, brokers, and service
65Real estate
651Real estate operators and lessors
6512Operators of non residential building
6513Operators of apartment building
6514Operators of dwellings other than apartment buildings
6515Operators of residential mobile home sites
6517Lessors of railroad property
6519Lessors of real property, not elsewhere classified
653Real estate agent and managers
6531Real estate agent and managers
654Title abstract offices
6541Title abstract offices
655Land subdividers and developers
6552Land subdividers and developers, except cemeteries
6553Cemetery sbdividers and developers
67Holding and other investment offices
671Holding offices
6712Offices of bank holding companies
6719Offices of holding companies, not elsewhere classified
672Investment offices
6722Management investment offices, open-end
6726Unit investment trust, face-amount certificate offices, and closed-end management investment offices
6732Educational, religious, and charitable trusts
6733Trust, except educational, religious, and charitable
679Miscellaneous investing
6792Oil royalty traders
6794Patent owners and lessors
6798Real estate investment trusts
6799Investors, not elsewhere classified
70Hotels, rooming houses, camps, and other lodging places
701Hotels and motels
7011Hotels and motels
702Rooming and boarding houses
7021Rooming and boarding houses
703Camps and recreational vehicle parks
7032Sporting and recreational camps
7033Recreational vehicle parks and campsites
704Organization hotels and lodging houses, on membership basis
7041Organization hotels and lodging houses, on membership basis
72Personal services
721Laundry, cleaning, and garment services
7211Power laundries, family and commercial
7212Garment pressing, and agents for laundries and drycleaners
7213Linen supply
7215Coin-operated laundries and drycleaning
7216Drycleaning plants, except rug cleaning
7217Carpet and upholstery cleaning
7218Industrial launderers
7219Laundry and garment services, not elsewhere classified
722Photographic studios, portrait
7221Photographic studios, portrait
723Beauty shops
7231Beauty shops
724Barber shops
7241Barber shops
725Shoe repair shops and shoeshine parlors
7251Shoe repair shops and shoeshine parlors
726Funeral service and crematories
7261Funeral service and crematories
729Miscellaneous personal services
7291Tax return preparation services
7299Miscellaneous personal services, not elsewhere classified
73Business services
7311Advertising agencies
7312Outdoor advertising services
7313Radio, television, and publisher's advertising representatives
7319Advertising, not elsewhere classified
732Consumer credit reporting agencies, mercantile reporting agencies, and adjustment and collection
7322Ajustment and collection services
7323Credit reporting services
733Mailing, reproduction, commercial art and photography, and stenographic services
7331Direct mail advertising services
7334Photocopying and duplicating services
7335Commercial photography
7336Commercial art and graphic design
7338Secretarial and court reporting services
734Services to dwellings and other building
7342Disinfecting and pest control services
7349Building cleaning and maintenance services, not elsewhere classified
735Miscellaneous equipment rental and leasing
7352Medical equipment rental and leasing
7353Heavy construction equipment rental and leasing
7359Equipment rental and leasing, not elsewhere classified
736Personnels supply services
7361Employment agencies
7363Help supply services
737Computer programming, data processing, and other computer related services
7371Computer programming services
7372Prepackaged software
7373Computer integrated systems design
7374Computer processing and data preparation and processing services
7375Information retrieval services
7376Computer facilities management services
7377Computer rental and leasing
7378Computer maintenance and repair
7379Computer related services, not elsewhere classified
738Miscellaneous business services
7381Detective, guard, and armored car services
7382Security systems services
7383News syndicates
7384Photofinishing laboratories
7389Business services, not elsewhere classified
75Automotive repair, services, and parking
751Automotive rental and leasing, without drivers
7513Truck rental and leasing, without drivers
7514Passenger car rental
7515Passenger car leasing
7519Utility trailer and recreational vehicle rental
752Automobile parking
7521Automobile parking
753Automotive repair shops
7532Top, body, and upholstery repair shops and paint shops
7533Automotive exhaust system repair shops
7534Tire retreading and repair shops
7536Automotive glass replacement shops
7537Automotive transmission repair shops
7538General automotive repair shops
7539Automotive repair shops, not elsewhere classified
754Automotive services, except repair
7549Automotive services, except repair and carwashes
76Miscellaneous repair services
762Electrical repair shops
7622Radio and television repair shops
7623Refrigeration and air-conditioning service and repair shops
7629Electrical and electronic repair shops, not elsewhere classified
763Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
7631Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
764Reupholstery and furniture repair
7641Reupholstery and furniture repair
769Miscellaneous repair shops and related services
7692Welding repair
7694Armature rewinding shops
7699Repair shops and related services, not elsewhere classified
78Motion pictures
781Motion picture production and allied services
7812Motion picture and video tape production
7819Services allied to motion picture production
782Motion picture distribution and allied services
7822Motion picture and video tape distribution
7829Services allied to motion picture distribution
783Motion picture theaters
7832Motion picture theaters, except drive-in
7833Drive-in motion picture theaters
784Video tape rental
7841Video tape rental
79Amusement and recreation services
791Dance studios, schools, and halls
7911Dance studios, schools, and halls
792Theatrical producers, bands orchestras, and entertainers
7922Theatrical producers and miscellaneous theatrical services
7929Bands, orchestras, actors, and other entertainers and entertainment groups
793Bowling centers
7933Bowling centers
794Commercial sports
7941Professional sports clubs and promoters
7948Racing, including track operation
799Miscellaneous amusement and recreation services
7991Physical fitness facilities
7992Public golf courses
7993Coin-operated amusement devices
7996Amusement parks
7997Membership sports and recreation clubs
7999Amusement and recreation services, not elsewhere classifie
80Health services
801Offices and clinics of doctors of medecine
8011Offices and clinics of doctors of medecine
802Offices and clinics of dentists
8021Offices and clinics of dentists
803Offices and clinics of doctors of osteopathy
8031Offices and clinics of doctors of osteopathy
804Offices and clinics of other health practitioners
8041Offices and clinics of chiropractors
8042Offices and clinics of optometrists
8043Offices and clinics of podiatrists
8049Offices and clinics of health practioners, not elsewhere classified
805Nursing and personal care facilities
8051Skilled nursing care facilities
8052Intermediate care facilities
8059Nursing and personal care facilities, not elsewhere classified
8062General medical and surgical hospitals
8063Psychiatric Hospitals
8069Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric
807Medical and dental laboratories
8071Medical laboratoires
8072Dental laboratories
808Home health care services
8082Home health care services
809Miscellaneous health and allied services, not elsewhere classified
8092Kidney dialysis centers
8093Specialty outpatient facilities, not elsewhere classified
8099Health and allied services, not elsewhere classified
81Legal services
811Legal services
8111Legal services
82Educational services
821Elementary and secondary schools
8211Elementary and secondary schools
822Colleges, universities, professional schools, and junior colleges
8221Colleges, universities, and professional schools
8222Junior collegesand technical institutes
824Vocational schools
8243Data processing schools
8244Business and secretarial schools
8249Vocational schools, not elsewhere classified
829Schools and educational services, not elsewhere classified
8299Schools and educational services, not elsewhere classified
83Social services
832Individual and family social services
8322Individual and family social services
833Job training and vocational rehabilitation services
8331Job training and vocational rehabilitation services
835Child day care services
8351Child day care services
836Residential care
8361Residential care
839Social services, not elsewhere classified
8399Social services, not elsewhere classified
84Museums, art galleries, and botanical and zoological gardens
841Museums and art galleries
8412Museums and art galleries
842Arboreta and botanical or zoological gardens
8422Arboreta and botanical or zoological gardens
86Membership organizations
861Business associations
8611Business associations
862Professional membership organizations
8621Professional membership organizations
863Labor unions and similar labor organizations
8631Labor unions and similar labor organizations
864Civic, social, and fraternal associations
8641Civic, social, and fraternal associations
865Political organisations
8651Political organisations
866Religious organizations
8661Religious organizations
869Membership organizations, not elsewhere classified
8699Membership organizations, not elsewhere classified
87Engineering, accounting, research, management, and related services
871Engineering, architectural, and surveying services
8711Engineering services
8712Architectural services
8713Surveying services
872Accounting, auditing, and bookeeping services
8721Accounting, auditing, and bookeeping services
873Research, development, and testing services
8731Commercial physical and biological research
8732Commercial economic, sociological, and educational research
8733Noncommercial research organizations
8734Testing laboratories
874Management and public relations services
8741Management services
8742Management consulting services
8743Public relations services
8744Facilities support management services
8748Business consulting services, not elsewhere classified
88Private households
881Private households
8811Private households
89Services not elsewhere classified
899Services not elsewhere classified
8999Services not elsewhere classified
91Executive, legislative, and general government, except finance
911Executive offices
9111Executive offices
912Legislative bodies
9121Legislative bodies
913Executive and legislative offices combined
9131Executive and legislative offices combined
919General government, not elsewhere classified
9199General government, not elsewhere classified
92Justice, public order, and safety
922Public order and safety
9221Police protection
9222Legal counsel and prosecution
9223Correctional institutions
9224Fire protection
9229Public order and safety, not elsewhere classified
93Public finance, taxation, and monetary policy
931Public finance, taxation, and monetary policy
9311Public finance, taxation, and monetary policy
94Administration of human resource programs
941Administration of educational programs
9411Administration of educational programs
943Administration of public health programs
9431Administration of public health programs
944Administration of social, human resource and income maintenance programs
9441Administration of social, human resource and income maintenance programs
945Administration of veterans' affairs, except
9451Administration of veterans' affairs, except
95Administration of environmental quality and housing programs
951Administration of environmental quality programs
9511Air and water resource and solid waste management
9512Land, mineral, wildlife, and forest conservation
953Administration of housing and urban development programs
9531Administration of housing programs
9532Administration of urban planning and community and rural development
96Administration of economic programs
961Administration of general economic programs
9611Administration of general economic programs
962Regulation and administration of transportation programs
9621Regulation and administration of transportation programs
963Regulation and administration of communications, electric, gas, and other utilities
9631Regulation and administration of communications, electric, gas, and other utilities
964Regulation of agricultural marketing and commodities
9641Regulation of agricultural marketing and commodities
965Regulation, licensing, and inspection of miscellaneous commercial sectors
9651Regulation, licensing, and inspection of miscellaneous commercial sectors
966Space research and technology
9661Space research and technology
97National security and international affairs
971National security
9711National security
972International affairs
9721International affairs
99Nonclassifiable establishments
999Nonclassifiable establishments
9999Nonclassifiable establishments