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Our Profile

Our mission is an optimum information supply for our customers — »Transforming Information into Knowledge«. We enable our customers to make more profits and reach an optimum presence on the markets.

This mission is based upon the following theses: Information is a product and will become more and more a factor with a high material, economic and political value. Our future society will be determined by the following aspects:

    • Information will be recognised as a production factor with a strategic importance.
    • Enterprises will consider information as a necessary condition to innovate their products and increased their competitiveness.
    • Information professionals will be accepted as significant service providers.

      infobroking lutz has specialised in the procurement of business information. We support you in your search for new business partners in purchase as well as in the target group related selection of addresses for direct marketing. We put a special emphasis on individual and comprehensive consultation. We offer you the possibility to cover your individual needs for economic, market and business information within the shortest time possible.

      With our access to all hosts of importance all around the world and thereby to several hundreds of data bases we grant you a comprehensive knowledge pool for your research orders.

      infobroking lutz will treat your wish for information as absolutely confidential. Your competitors will not know the additional knowledge you have attained with our help.