by information


01Livestock and fish
01100Animal semen and embryos
01120Sheep, goats and pigs
01300Horses, mules and donkeys
01340Animals for laboratory research
01360Animals, domestic and for zoos
01380Reptiles and amphibians
01400Fur animals
01500Game and game birds
01600Bees and bee products
01700Silkworms and silkworm cocoons
01750Insects and worms
01800Fish, saltwater
01810Fish, freshwater
01870Ornamental fish
01880Marine algae and plankton
01890Pearls, coral and natural sponges
01900Livestock farming
01950Veterinary and specialised animal services
01960Veterinary and specialised pet services
02Agriculture and forestry
02100Fodder plants
02200Cereals and pseudo cereals
02210Root vegetables
02220Tuberous and rhizome vegetables
02230Pulses and legumes
02250Leaf vegetables
02270Stalk vegetables
02280Flower vegetables
02290Fruit vegetables
02300Herb and spice plants
02350Medicinal herbs and plants
02380Mushrooms and other fungi
02400Stone fruits
02410Seed fruits
02440Citrus fruit
02500Edible seeds
02520Nuts, edible
02540Fruit, tropical and subtropical
02570Beverage plants and crops
02580Sugar plants and crops
02590Industrial plants and crops
02600Oilseed plants and crops
02610Fibre plants
02620Plants for wickerwork
02660Bushes, trees and shrubs, ornamental
02670Fruit trees and fruit bushes
02690Plants for acid soils
02710Plants, ornamental
02720Flowers, cut
02750Landscaping and garden maintenance services
02770Seeds, agricultural and horticultural
02780Seed related services
02790Seedlings, agricultural, horticultural and forestry
02810Flower bulbs, sets
02900Agricultural and horticultural services
02910Plant breeding services
02920Agricultural production processes
02930Harvesting services
02940Preservation and packaging services for agricultural products
02950Treatment services for agricultural products
02970Forestry management services
03050Abattoir products, non-processed
03060Abattoir products, inedible
03070Gut, natural and artificial. Sausage casings
03080Offal, edible, processed
03090Delicatessen meats
03100Sausages and dry sausages
03110Meat and game, processed
03120Meat, dried
03130Poultry and birds, processed
03140Meat, poultry and game, canned and otherwise packaged
03180Ice cream and sorbet
03210Cheese, country specific
03240Egg products
03260Fruit, processed
03270Fruit, dried
03280Fruit, canned, bottled and otherwise packaged
03290Vegetables, processed
03300Vegetables, dried
03310Vegetables, canned, bottled and otherwise packaged
03340Soup and extracts
03350Food, dehydrated and freeze-dried
03360Desserts, non-dairy
03380Fish, smoked
03390Fish, processed
03400Fish, canned, bottled and otherwise packaged
03410Shellfish and seaweed, processed
03420Shellfish and seaweed, canned and bottled
03430Fish roes
03440Fish and shellfish by-products, edible
03450Food products, chilled, fresh and ultra-fresh
03470Food products, chilled
03480Meat and fish, deep frozen
03490Fruit and vegetables, deep frozen
03500Meals, ready prepared, deep frozen
03510Desserts and bakery products, deep frozen
03520Food products, deep frozen, NES
03530Flour and meal, cereal
03540Flour, non-cereal
03550Rice, processed
03580Pasta products, canned or otherwise packaged
03590Pastries and cakes
03610Biscuits and crackers
03620Savoury snacks
03630Breakfast cereals
03640Flakes, cereal and non-cereal
03660Honey products
03670Sugar confectionery
03680Fruit, candied
03690Cocoa and chocolate products
03700Chocolates, by packaging type
03710Diet products
03720Health products
03730Sport food products
03740Baby foods
03780Herbal and fruit teas
03790Coffee and coffee substitutes
03810Spices and herbs, processed
03820Vinegar and vinaigrette sauces
03830Condiments and sauces
03840Seeds, roasted
03850Palm fruit products
03860Nuts, processed
03870Coconut products, edible
03880Oils, edible
03890Fats, edible
03920Yeast for food and beverages
03940Food processing services
03950Food packaging services
03960Animal feed
03970Fodder and cereal, for animals
03980Flour, for animals
03990Tobacco products
04100Alcoholic spirits
04120Whisky and bourbon
04150Aperitifs and cocktails, alcoholic
04190Wine, grape
04200Wine, country specific
04260Wine, sparkling
04270Fortified and sweet wines
04280Wine, fortified
04290Wine, non-grape
04390Fresh juices, chilled
04400Fruit juices
04410Vegetable juices
04450Cordials (squash)
04480Lemonade, carbonated and soft drinks, non-alcoholic
04490Milk drinks
04500Waters and mineral waters
04600Drinks, canned, bottled or otherwise packaged
04990Drink processing, bottling and canning services
05Organic products
05100Live animals, organically farmed
05120Plantation products, cereals and seeds, organically farmed
05140Fruit and berries, organically farmed
05170Vegetables, organically farmed
05190Meat and fish, chilled, organic
05210Dairy products, organic
05230Fruit and vegetables, deep frozen, organic
05260Meat and fish, deep frozen, organic
05280Desserts and bakery products, deep frozen, organic
05400Fruit and vegetables, organic, processed and preserved
05600Flour, organic
05660Pasta and cereals, processed, organic
05680Sugar, organic
05700Honey products, organic
05720Biscuits, pastries and bakery products, organic
05740Confectionery and chocolate, organic
05760Oil, vinegar and vinaigrette, organic
05780Herbs, spices, condiments and sauces, organic
05800Tea, coffee, herbal and fruit teas, organic
05830Drinks, non-alcoholic, organic
05850Drinks, alcoholic, organic
05870Yarns and fabrics, organic
05890Household linen, clothing and shoes, organic fabrics
05930Soap, cleaning products and detergents, organic
05940Essential and natural oils, organic
05950Personal care products and cosmetics, organic
07Energy, fuel and water
07150Peat and moss
07200Crude oil (petroleum) production
07310Electricity production
07330Electricity distribution
07440Gas production
07460Gas distribution
07480Pipeline administration
07500Water supply services
07550District heating, cooling, steam and compressed air supply services
08Ores and minerals
08100Ores, iron
08150Ores, alloying element
08300Ores, heavy metal
08330Ores, light metal
08370Ores, precious metal
08450Ores, radioactive element
08510Spar minerals
08520Raw gypsum and anhydrite
08550Magnesium minerals
08580Steatite and pyrophyllite
08600Silica minerals
08700Minerals, miscellaneous
09Quarried stone
09100Plutonic rocks
09200Sandstone and quartzite
09300Marble and travertine
09400Calcareous stone
09500Volcanic rocks
09670Gravel and stone
09800Clays and alumina
11Leathers, furs and their products
11100Skins, hides and leathers, bovine (cattle) and equine (horse)
11120Skins, hides and leathers, ovine (sheep), caprine (goat) and deer
11130Skins, hides and leathers, swine
11140Skins, hides and leathers NES
11200Skins, hides and leathers processing services
11230Skin and hide tanning services
11250Skins, hides and leathers, processed
11300Reconstituted leathers and their products
11350Skins, hides and leathers, by use
11400Fancy goods, leather
11410Travel goods, handbags and similar articles
11440Accessories, leather NES
11500Saddlery, belts and straps, leather
11550Leather goods for industrial use
12010Raw wool and other animal textile fibres
12020Raw wool and other animal textile fibres processing services
12030Wool and other animal textile fibres, processed
12040Pre-processed cotton and other vegetable textile fibres
12060Textile fibres, man-made
12070Staple fibres, man-made
12080Yarns and twists, man-made fibres
12090Yarns and twists, man-made fibres, by use
12100Yarns and twists, man-made fibres, by winder type
12110Yarns and twists, silk
12130Yarns and twists, wool and hair
12140Yarns and twists, wool and hair, by use
12150Yarns and twists, wool and hair, by winder type
12170Yarns and twists, cotton
12180Yarns and twists, cotton, by use
12190Yarns and twists, cotton, by winder type
12200Yarns and twists, flax fibres
12210Yarns and twists, vegetable fibres NES
12220Threads, sewing and embroidery
12230Threads, sewing and embroidery, by use
12250Cordage and ropes
12260Fabrics, man-made fibres
12270Fabrics, man-made fibres, by use
12280Fabrics, silk
12290Fabrics, silk, by use
12300Fabrics, wool and hair
12310Fabrics, wool and hair, by use
12330Fabrics, cotton, for clothing and household linen
12340Fabrics, cotton, for soft furnishings and upholstery
12360Fabrics, linen
12370Fabrics, linen, by use
12400Fabrics, hemp and jute
12410Fabrics, vegetable fibres NES
12430Net and tulle
12440Net and tulle, by use
12450Bolting and filter cloths. Gauze
12460Canvas and duck
12490Coated fabrics and oilcloth
12500Fabrics for industrial use NES
12540Yarns and fabrics, elastic
12550Fabrics, knitted
12560Fabrics, knitted, by use
12570Nets and netting, textile
12580Ribbons and tapes, textile
12590Ribbons and tapes, textile, by use
12600Trimming materials
12610Trimming materials, by use
12620Embroidery, machine-made
12630Embroidery, machine-made, by use
12640Embroidery, handmade
12650Lace, machine-made
12660Lace, machine-made, by use
12670Lace, handmade
12690Feathers and down, raw and processed
12700Wadding and their products, by use
12710Flocks and their products, textile, by use
12730Felt, felted fabrics and their products
12740Felt, felted fabrics and their products, by use
12750Fabrics, non-woven
12760Fabrics, non-woven, by use
12780Canvas products
12790Belts and webbing, textile
12800Hoses, textile
12810Bags and sacks, textile
12830Canvas covers
12860Dyeing services for textile fibres and yarns
12870Finishing services for textile fibres and yarns
12880Special treatment services for textile fibres and yarns
12900Textile printing
12910Textile coating
12920Dyeing services for fabrics and textile goods
12930Finishing services for fabrics and textile goods
12940Special treatment services for fabrics and textile goods
12950Embroidery and lace mending, clipping and cutting services
12960Dry-cleaning and dyeing services, domestic
12970Laundry services
12990Machining services for clothing and textile goods
13Clothing and footwear
13010Fashion designers
13020Fashion houses
13030Clothes by fabric
13040Clothes for women
13050Underwear and nightwear for women
13060Clothes for men
13070Underwear and nightwear for men
13090Clothes for children
13110Underwear and nightwear for children
13130Clothes for babies
13140Underwear and nightwear for babies
13150Stockings and tights
13180Special occasions clothes
13190Swimwear and beachwear
13200Sportswear, by sport type
13210Sportswear and leisurewear
13240Costumes, traditional and theatrical
13250Clothing, weatherproof and waterproof, by fabric and use
13260Clothes and articles, weatherproof and waterproof
13270Leather clothing
13280Fur clothing and products
13350Neckties, cravats, scarves and shawls
13380Headgear accessories NES
13410Walking sticks
13420Elastomeric textile products
13430Feather and feather filled accessories
13450Fashion accessories NES
13500Workwear and uniforms, by occupation
13510Workwear and workwear accessories
13530Protective and safety work clothing, by fabric
13540Protective and safety work clothing, by use
13550Protective and safety work clothing, by occupation
13560Accessories for protective clothing
13600Footwear, standard
13610Footwear, orthopaedic
13630Footwear, sports
13640Footwear, professional and safety use
13650Footwear, wooden
13680Footwear components and accessories
14Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
14020Timber/logs, temperate zone
14030Timber/logs, tropical zone
14040Timber/logs, by use
14050Sawn wood
14060Sawn wood, treated
14070Sawn wood, by use
14080Sawing and primary processing of wood
14100Non-mechanical wood treatment
14120Composite wood panels
14130Wood panels, by use
14140Sawmill wood by-products
14170Carpentry and structural woodwork
14180Roofing, wood
14200Doors and gates, wooden
14210Window frames, windows and shutters, wooden
14220Ladders, wooden
14230Wood trims
14240Flooring, wooden. Parquet
14260Builders' joinery NES
14300Buildings, wooden, prefabricated
14310Building elements and sections, wooden, prefabricated
14390Packagings, wooden, storage and transportation
14420Cases and boxes, wooden, fitted, decorative and for display
14460Barrels, casks, tubs and vats, wooden
14520Household articles, wooden
14530Kitchenware, wooden
14540Decorative articles, for gardens, wooden
14620Wooden products for industrial use
14630Tools and accessories, wooden, for builders' joinery
14640Tool bodies and handles, wooden
14660Wooden products NES
14700Carvings, pyrography and marquetry, wooden
14730Cork, cut cork and products derived from cork
14740Cork products
14760Cane, wicker, straw, rush and bamboo products
14780Bamboo articles
14800Timber preparation machinery and equipment
14810Wood sawing machines
14820Wood planing machines
14830Wood milling and moulding machines
14840Wood boring and mortising machines
14850Sanding machines, wood
14860Wood deforming machines
14870Wood joining, bonding and coating machines
14880Multi-operational woodworking machines
14890Wood drying machines
14900Woodworking machines, portable
14910Wood turning machines, lathes
14920Wood conditioning and surface treatment equipment
14930Machinery and equipment for the cork industry
14940Special purpose woodworking machines
14950Ancillary equipment for woodworking machines
14960Tools, jigs and fixtures for woodworking machinery
14970Woodworking tools
14980Installation and maintenance services, for woodworking equipment
14990Wood machining to customer specification
15Furniture and linen
15030Furniture, domestic
15040Tables and desks, domestic
15050Seats and seating furniture, domestic
15070Beds and accessories, domestic
15080Wardrobes and cupboards, domestic
15090Bookcases and television and hi-fi furniture, domestic
15100Small furniture and accessories, domestic
15110Furniture, kitchen, domestic
15120Kitchen sinks
15130Bathroom furniture
15140Washbasins and hand sinks
15160Showers and shower trays
15210Home decorations
15220Furniture, children's
15230Prams, baby walkers and accessories
15240Parasols and accessories
15250Garden furniture
15260Urban and outdoor furniture
15270Playground equipment
15310Room dividers and partition panels
15320Office furniture
15330Office filing and storage furniture
15340Conference and meeting room furniture
15360Furniture for computers
15370Furniture for plants and workshops
15380Furniture for libraries, archives and museums
15400Furniture for hotels and restaurants
15470Furniture for laboratories
15490Furniture, school
15500Furniture for institutions
15530Furniture for theatres
15540Furniture for sports complexes
15560Furniture for train stations and passenger terminals
15570Furniture for religious buildings
15580Furniture, ship
15640Furniture and fixtures, sales space
15700Surrounds and coverings for built-in furniture
15730Security furniture
15820Furniture, upholstered
15840Mechanisms for furniture
15850Household linen by fabric
15860Bath linen
15870Table linen
15880Bed linen
15890Bed covers and quilts
15900Sleeping bags
15920Cushions and pillows
15940Carpets, rugs and mats
15950Curtains and blinds
15960Services to the furniture industry
16Paper and board
16030Pulp, groundwood/mechanical and chemical
16060Base and backing paper
16090Reinforced cardboard fibre semi-finished products
16100Cardboard vulcanised fibre semi-finished products
16110Reinforced cardboard fibre products
16140Coated and laminated paper and board
16160Paper and board, graphic design use, for printing
16170Paper and board, graphic design use, for drawing and writing
16180Carbone and self-duplicating paper and articles
16200Paper and board for stationery articles
16210Stationery articles
16220Greetings cards
16230Albums and files
16240Publishing: Diaries and calendars
16260Craft paper
16270Scrapbooking paper and articles
16280Paper and board for restoration and framing
16300Paper for various uses
16310Tissue paper
16320Hygiene paper
16340Food wrapping and packaging paper
16360Tableware and table accessories, paper and board
16380Impregnated paper
16390Paper for specific purposes
16400Safety paper
16410Paper for industrial use
16420Paper for recording instruments
16440Adhesive paper
16450Adhesive labels
16460Adhesive and self-adhesive tapes and rolls
16470Adhesive and self-adhesive tapes and rolls, by use
16480Labels, non-adhesive
16500Photographic paper, board, film, cloth and plates. Diazo/dyeline paper
16520Cellulose wadding
16540Wallpaper and paper backed wall coverings
16610Cardboard by use
16620Corrugated paper and board
16660Wrapping paper and paper packaging materials
16680Paper bags and sacks for packaging
16690Paper bags and sacks for packaging, by use
16700Packagings, paper and cardboard, for food products
16710Cardboard packagings
16720Cardboard packagings by use
16730Cardboard boxes
16740Cardboard boxes, by use
16750Paper and cardboard tubes
16780Paper articles, die-cut and embossed
16790Cardboard articles, die-cut, embossed, pressed and printed
16810Decorative articles, paper and cardboard
16900Recycled paper and cardboard
16920Cellulose, paper or cardboard articles, moulded
16990Paper and cardboard processing services
17Printing and publishing
17020Printing consultants
17030Publishing services
17040Printing services
17050Advertisement and artwork services
17100Typesetting and phototypesetting/photocomposition
17130Photo-engraving services
17140Printing blocks and plates
17170Scanning and digitisation services
17200Rotary printing
17240Flatbed printing: letterpress and offset-photolithography
17250Intaglio printing
17260Screen printing
17270Transfer and carbon printing
17300Collotype printing and zincography. Blueprints
17320Printing specialities
17330Printing services, specific surfaces
17360Printing services, digital
17530Photocopying services
17560Craft bookbinding
17570Bookbinding services
17580Print finishing
17600Publishing: Newspapers and magazines
17620Publishing houses
17630Publishing: Trade and professional publications
17650Publishing: Directories and reference books
17660Publishing: Dictionaries
17680Publishing: School books
17690Publishing: Educational materials for science and technical studies
17740Online publishing houses
17760Online publishing, press
17900Book, compact disc (CD) and digital versatile disc (DVD) clubs
17920Publishing: Art
17960Press agencies
18Rubber products
18030Synthetic rubbers
18050Processed rubber
18060Rubber solutions and adhesives
18070Rubber and rubber proofed sheets
18080Rubber and rubber proofed fabrics
18200Tyres and inner tubes
18210Tyres and inner tubes, by vehicle type
18240Tyres, remoulded
18260Tyre repair materials
18300Conveyor belts, rubber
18320Rubber threads, cords, ribbons, straps and transmission belts
18340Rubber tubes and flexible hoses
18350Rubber tubes and flexible hoses, by use
18360Technical parts, rubber
18370Technical parts, rubber, by industry
18380Moulded parts, rubber
18390Profiles, blocks, rollers and bearings, rubber
18400Rings and washers, rubber
18420Rubber-to-metal bonded products
18430Anti-vibration mountings, rubber
18440Bags and sacks, rubber
18460Rubber flooring and wall coverings
18470Rubber mats
18500Rubber products for domestic use
18700Inflatable structures and goods, rubber
18750Cellular/foam rubber products
18800Ebonite products
18810Gutta-percha products
18850Rubber products, miscellaneous
20Plastic products
20030Powders and granules, plastic
20040Plastic foams
20050Bars and rods, plastic
20070Plastic sections
20090Plates and sheet, plastic
20100Sheet and film, plastic
20110Sheet and film, plastic, by use
20120Tapes and straps, plastic
20130Laminated plastics
20170Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) products
20180Plastic products, isolating
20190Pipes, tubes, ducts and hoses, plastic
20200Pipes, tubes, ducts and hoses, plastic, by use
20210Flexible hoses and tubes, plastic
20220Flexible hoses and tubes, plastic, by use
20230Couplings and fittings, plastic, for pipes and hoses
20240Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, plastic
20250Jointings, packings and gaskets, plastic
20270Plastic products for the building industry
20280Structural elements, plastic, for the building industry
20290Flooring, roofing and wall coverings, plastic, for the building industry
20300Equipment for building sites, plastic
20310Doors, plastic
20320Windows, plastic
20330Shutters, blinds and awnings, plastic
20340Handles and knobs, plastic
20370Plastic packagings
20380Plastic boxes and cases
20390Plastic containers
20400Tanks and vats, plastic
20410Plastic casks, drums and cans
20420Bottles and packaging tubes, plastic
20430Seals, closures and caps, plastic
20440Seals, closures and caps, plastic, by use
20460Bags and sacks, plastic
20470Bags and sacks, plastic, by use
20500Sanitary ware, plastic
20510Hairdressing and beauty care products, plastic
20530Household articles, plastic
20540Baby care articles, plastic
20550Kitchen articles, plastic
20560Tableware, plastic
20580Plastic articles for decoration
20610Plastic products for agriculture and horticulture
20630Plastic products for animal husbandry
20650Coatings and coverings, plastic, industrial use
20660Plastic products, industrial use
20680Plastic products for the food and beverage industry
20690Plastic packagings for the food and beverage industry
20700Plastic products for laboratories
20710Plastic products for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
20730Plastic products for the textile industry
20740Haberdashery articles, plastic
20760Plastic products for the furniture industry
20780Plastic products for the mechanical engineering industry
20800Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries
20810Plastic boxes and enclosures, for the electrical and electronics industries
20820Plastic products for measuring apparatus
20830Plastic products, for the oil and gas industry
20840Plastic products for transport infrastructure
20850Plastic products, for the automotive industry
20860Plastic products, inflatable
20880Plastic products for the optical, photographic and cinematographic industry
20890Plastic products, for the printing industry
20900Plastic articles for shops and supermarkets
20910Plastic articles for office use
20920Sheet protectors and sleeves, plastic
20930Plastic labels
20940Plastic covers
20960Biodegradable plastic products
20970Composite plastic products
20990Plastic products NES
21Chemical base materials
21010Inorganic acids and anhydrides
21030Inorganic alkalis, hydroxides
21050Sodium compounds
21060Calcium compounds
21070Strontium compounds
21080Thallium compounds
21090Potassium compounds
21100Ammonium compounds
21110Iron compounds
21120Chromium compounds
21130Vanadium compounds
21140Nickel and molybdenum compounds
21150Manganese compounds
21160Antimony compounds
21170Cadmium compounds
21180Copper compounds
21190Lead compounds
21200Tin compounds
21210Zinc compounds
21220Aluminium compounds
21230Magnesium compounds
21240Lithium compounds
21250Titanium compounds
21260Gold compounds
21270Silver compounds
21280Zirconium compounds
21290Tungsten compounds
21300Tantalum compounds
21310Ruthenium compounds
21320Rhodium compounds
21330Rhenium compounds
21340Platinum compounds
21350Palladium and indium compounds
21360Osmium compounds
21370Niobium compounds
21380Hafnium compounds
21390Beryllium compounds
21400Bismuth compounds
21410Mercury compounds
21420Cobalt compounds
21430Cerium compounds
21440Thorium compounds
21450Uranium compounds
21460Metal compounds NES
21470Barium compounds
21480Boron compounds
21490Bromine compounds
21500Chlorine compounds
21510Fluorine compounds
21520Iodine compounds
21530Selenium compounds
21540Phosphorus compounds
21550Sulphur compounds
21560Carbon compounds
21570Silicon compounds
21580Caesium compounds
21590Inorganic chemicals NES
21600Compressed and liquefied gases. Chemicals for refrigeration
21620Rocket propellants
21630Organic acids, their anhydrides and acid halides
21690Alcohols and epoxides
21710Polyphenols, aldehydes, ketones, quinones
21730Esters and salts of organic acids
21740Amines, including salts, amides and other organic nitrogen compounds NES
21770Organic chemicals NES and mineral and organo-metallic compounds
21790Hydrocarbons and halocarbons
21800Fuels and petroleum based products
21810Solvents, petroleum based
21820Lubricants, petroleum based
21830Asphalt, tar and bitumen
21840Natural pitch
21850Natural resins
21860Resins, synthetic
21870Precursors for polymerisation
21890Coal, wood and resin distillation products
21910Raw materials for pharmaceuticals
21920Barbiturates, sulphonamides, glycosides, alkaloids and antibiotics
21960Carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes
21970Basic chemical products for cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and soaps
21980Aroma compounds, essential oils
21990Sugar, inedible
22Chemical products
22010Chemicals for textiles
22020Chemicals for leather and fur. Tanning extracts
22030Chemicals for papermaking, printing and photography
22040Chemicals and auxiliaries for the ceramics and glass industries
22050Chemicals and auxiliaries for rubber and plastics
22060Chemicals for lubricants and waxes
22070Chemicals for paint, lacquer and varnish making
22080Chemicals for water treatment
22090Chemicals for the basic metal industries
22100Chemicals for metal welding and soldering. Fluxes
22110Chemicals for metal surface treatment
22120Chemicals for fire-fighting and fire protection
22130Chemicals for building materials
22140Chemicals for the electrical and electronics industries
22150Chemicals for mining and oil extraction
22160Chemicals for laboratories and microbiology
22170Chemical products for detergents
22190Natural and chemically derived additives for food and beverages
22200Natural and chemically derived flavourings for food and beverages
22210Colourants for food and beverages
22220Natural and chemically derived sweeteners for food and beverages
22230Natural and chemically derived texture agents for food and beverages
22240Chemical products for the fertilisation and phytosanitary industries
22250Fertilisers, organic carbon based
22260Fertilisers, chemical and mineral
22270Fertilisers by use
22290Fungicides and bactericides
22310Pest control products
22320Fungicides and insecticides combined
22330Growth control substances for plants
22380Pigments, natural
22390Pigments, natural, by use
22400Pigments, synthetic
22420Dyes, synthetic
22430Dyes by use
22450Colourants for leather, rubber, plastics and cosmetics
22460Inks. Colours for artists
22490Paints by use
22510Varnishes and lacquers
22520Varnishes and lacquers, by use
22530Wood finishes
22540Vitreous colours, enamels and glazes
22550Anti-corrosion products
22560Anti-foaming products
22570Antioxidant, antistatic and antifreeze products
22600Adhesives, natural
22610Adhesives, synthetic
22620Adhesives, synthetic, by use
22650Natural gums
22690Mastics and putties
22700Sealing compounds NES
22710Asphalt, tar and bituminous products
22730Organ extracts
22770Culture media, fresh cell culture solutions
22800Waxes and wax products
22810Waxes and wax products, by use
22840Explosives and gunpowders
22850Detonators and explosive fuses
22870Pyrotechnical products
22900Chemicals, by use, NES
22910Additives and chemical agents
22920Chemical fluids, greases, pastes and lubricants
22930Natural lubricants for industrial use
22940Mineral oils
22950Mineral greases
22960Natural oils and greases for industrial use
22970Subcontractors for the chemical industry
22980Packaging, filling and sterilisation services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
22990Aerosol and pressurised container filling services
23Health, medical and pharmaceutical
23010Pharmaceutical preparations for the central and autonomic nervous system and anaesthetics
23020Pharmaceutical preparations for the cardiovascular system
23030Pharmaceutical preparations for ear, nose and throat (ENT) and dentistry
23040Pharmaceutical preparations for ophthalmology
23050Pharmaceutical preparations for metabolism, nutrition, alimentary systems
23060Pharmaceutical preparations for dermatology
23070Pharmaceutical preparations for urology, gynaecology and obstetrics
23080Pharmaceutical preparations for pneumology
23090Chemotherapeutic preparations
23100Gastroenterology and hepatology preparations
23110Immunological preparations
23120Antiseptics and antibacterial preparations
23140Pharmaceutical preparations NES
23150Parapharmaceutical preparations
23160Medical preparations, oriental and Asian
23170Pharmaceutical veterinary preparations
23180Ultraviolet (UV), infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications
23190Ultrasonic equipment for biological and medical applications
23200Medical equipment and instruments
23210Surgical equipment and instruments
23220Anaesthetic and resuscitation equipment
23230Blood transfusion equipment
23240Medical examination equipment
23250Hygiene and sterilisation equipment for medical and surgical use
23270Equipment and instruments for medical laboratories
23290Dental laboratory equipment and supplies
23300Dental prostheses
23310Dental equipment and instruments
23320Prostheses, medical
23330Hearing aids
23340Orthopaedic equipment
23350Physiotherapy and spa equipment
23360Equipment for the elderly, the disabled and reduced mobility people
23380Urology equipment
23390Gynaecological and obstetrical equipment
23400Ophthalmic equipment
23410Medical equipment, ear, nose and throat (ENT)
23420Equipment for the nervous system
23430Equipment for the cardio vascular system
23440Pneumology equipment
23450Gastroenterology and hepatology equipment
23460Metabolism and nutrition equipment
23470Dermatology equipment
23480Thermotherapy and luminotherapy equipment
23490Nuclear medicine equipment
23500Medical and surgical equipment, veterinary
23530Textile articles for medical and surgical use
23550Paper and cardboard products for medical use
23570Plastic products for veterinary use
23590Rubber products for medical, veterinary and laboratory use
23620Plastic products for hospital and medical use
23650Plastic products for surgical, orthopaedic and dental use
23690Medical glassware
23800Wheelchairs and their accessories
23810Chairs and seating, hospital and medical
23820Beds, trolleys and fittings, hospital and medical
23830Tables, hospital and medical
23840Storage furniture, hospital and medical
23870Furniture, hospital and medical NES
23900Hospitals and clinics
23910Health services, specialised
23930Pathological and clinical laboratories
23940Spas and health resorts
23980Installation and maintenances services for medical equipment
24Hygiene and cleaning
24010Bath and shower products
24050Face care products
24060Oral and dental care products
24070Hair care products
24080Shaving and hair removal products
24090Foot care, hand care and nail care products
24100Suncare and suntan products
24120Deodorants and anti-perspirant products
24130Perfumes and perfumery products
24140Make-up products
24150Personal hygiene products, for women
24160Baby hygiene products
24180Cosmetic products and hygiene products NES
24190Veterinary products and equipment
24210Oral and dental care equipment and accessories
24220Hairdressing equipment and accessories
24240Shaving and hair removal equipment and accessories
24250Manicure equipment and accessories
24260Make-up accessories
24270Hygiene and cosmetic equipment and accessories NES
24280Intimate care products for women
24290Hygiene products for babies
24300Incontinence wear products
24320Cleaning products and detergents
24330Cleaning products and detergents, by use
24350Degreasing products
24360Disinfectants, indoor use
24370Indoor deodorants and air fresheners
24420Brushes, industrial use
24430Brushes, domestic use
24440Brooms, industrial use
24450Brooms, domestic use
24460Brush and broom making machinery
24500Kitchen and cleaning cloths
24550Buckets and shovels, domestic use
24590Waste bins and waste-paper baskets
24610Electric appliances, domestic, hygiene and cleaning
24620Sweepers and floor scrubber driers
24630Floor polishers and scrubbers
24640Vacuum cleaners
24650Floor cleaning machinery NES
24670Cleaning and washing machines and equipment, catering industry
24700Washing machines and equipment, domestic
24710Drying machines and equipment, domestic
24720Ironing machines and equipment, domestic
24740Laundry and launderette machinery and equipment
24760Dry-cleaning machinery and equipment
24780Industrial cleaning machinery and equipment NES
24800Industrial cleaning services
24810Industrial cleaning services, by type of premises and equipment
24820Building pest control services
24990Installation and maintenance services, hygiene and cleaning equipment
25Basic metal products
25010Raw pig-iron
25020Raw steel
25060Refined, special and tool steels
25070Semi-finished products, refined, special and tool steels
25080Ingots, iron and steel
25090Billets, iron and steel
25100Slabs, steel
25110Flats, steel, hot rolled
25120Sheets and strips, steel, hot rolled
25130Coils, steel, hot rolled
25150Bars, steel and rolled steel
25160Sections, steel and rolled steel
25170Beams, steel and rolled steel
25180Foundation piles, stakes and piles, steel and rolled steel
25190Angles, steel and rolled steel
25220Flats, steel, cold rolled
25230Sheets and strips, steel, cold rolled
25240Plates, steel, cold rolled
25250Coils, steel, cold rolled
25260Flat sections, steel, cold rolled
25280Iron and steel, drawn, compressed and turned. Tube rounds and squares
25290Sheet iron and steel, coated or magnetic
25300Bars and plates, black steel, large
25310Bars, sections and large plates, bright steel
25320Iron and steel wire rod. Drawn steel wire, reinforcing steel
25340Light metals and alloys
25370Semi-manufactured products, aluminium and its alloys
25380Semi-manufactured products, magnesium and its alloys
25390Semi-manufactured products, zinc, titanium and their alloys
25400Light metal semi-manufactured products NES
25410Precious and rare metals and their alloys
25430Precious and rare metal semi-manufactured products
25450Pure metals
25480Metals and semi-finished products for electronic and electrical use
25500Radioactive heavy metals and alloys and semi-manufactured products
25520Non-ferrous metals and alloys NES
25530Semi-manufactured products, copper
25540Semi-manufactured products, lead
25550Semi-manufactured product, tin and tantalum
25560Semi-manufactured products, nickel
25570Semi-manufactured products, bronze
25580Semi-manufactured products, zinc
25590Semi-manufactured products, brass
25610Semi-manufactured products, non-ferrous metal NES
25620Solders, brazing and fusible alloys
25680Shot and grit, metal
25690Flakes and granules, metal
25710Metal pastes
25730Metal powders
25750Metal fibres
25760Metal aggregates
25780Metal ashes and waste
25800Sintered metals
25810Sintered metal products
25820Cemented carbide products
25830Iron castings and parts
25890Iron castings and parts, by use
25910Steel castings and parts
25930Steel castings and parts, by use
25950Non-ferrous metal castings and parts
25970Non-ferrous metal castings and parts, by use
25980Metal blanks
25990Metal foams
26Metal constructions for the building industry
26010Bridges and footbridges, metal
26020Structural metal fabrications for bridges, roads and tunnels
26030Masts and pylons, metal
26040Structural metal fabrications for building work
26070Structural metal fabrication components for building work
26110Prefabricated metal buildings
26130Glazed metal structures
26170Metal floorings
26180Non-structural metal fabrications for walls and facades
26190Non-structural metal fabrications for ceilings
26200Non-structural metal fabrications for roofs and coverings
26210Non-structural metal fabrications for water mains
26240Heating and aeration equipment, metal
26250Chimneys and chimney hoods, metal
26260Panels and sandwich panels, metal
26280Decorative building elements, metal
26310Scaffolding and ladders, metal
26320Barriers and gates, metal
26330Grilles, fencing, metal
26380Staircase and staircase equipment, metal
26390Balustrades, railings and safety guards, metal
26400Turnstiles, metal
26410Doors, metal
26420Windows, metal
26430Door and window frames, metal
26440Skylights/roof lights, metal
26450Shutters, blinds, awnings and curtains, metal
26950Installation and maintenance services, for metal building equipment
27Metal pipework, valves and containers
27010Pipes, tubes, ducts and pipelines, ferrous metals
27020Pipes, tubes, ducts and pipelines, steel
27030Pipes, tubes, ducts and pipelines, ferrous metals, by use
27040Pipes and tubes, non-ferrous metals
27060Pipes and tubes, non-ferrous metals, by use
27070Pipe, tube and hose fittings, metal
27080Pipe, tube and hose accessories, metal
27090Pipe, tube and hose joints, metal
27100Pipe flanges, metal
27110Hose and pipe elbows, metal
27120Pipe and hose clamps and clips, metal
27130Nozzles and head sprinklers, metal
27150Hoses and tubes, flexible, metal
27160Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, by material
27170Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by type
27180Valves, cocks, taps and fittings, metal, by use
27200Valves, metal, check/non-return
27210Plug and ball valves, taps and cocks, metal
27220Control valves, metal
27230Safety and relief valves, metal
27260Components and fittings, metal, for valves and cocks
27270Seals and gaskets, metal
27280Packing rings, metal
27290Packings, metal
27300Jointing materials, metal
27350Sanitary and bathroom accessories, metal
27360Sanitary ware and accessories, for toilets, metal
27400Tanks and vats, metal
27410Cartridges, metal, for liquids
27420Tanks, metal, for gases
27430Cylinders, bottles and cartridges, metal, for gases
27470Casks, drums and cans, metal, for packaging, transport and storage
27480Boxes, metal, for packaging, transport and storage
27510Aerosol cans, metal, for packaging, transport and storage
27520Packaging tubes, metal
27530Metal containers, for packaging, transport and storage NES
27570Metal fittings for casks, drums, cans and boxes
27590Packaging caps and closures, metal
28Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
28010Ferrous metal wires
28020Steel wires
28030Metal and steel wires, by use
28040Non-ferrous metal wires
28050Non-ferrous metal wires, by use
28070Cables, ropes, bands and tapes, metal
28080Cables and ropes, metal, by use
28090Cords and braids, metal
28100Slings, metal
28130Wire goods, metal
28140Cable and wire turnbuckles
28170Electrodes, metal
28180Welding electrodes, rods and wire, metal, by use
28190Shavings, wool, wadding, pads and sponges, metal
28210Fencing, metal
28220Wire mesh and netting, metal
28230Fabrics, metal wire
28260Conveyor belts, metal
28270Filters and strainers, metal
28280Chains, metal
28290Chains, metal, by use
28320Nails, tacks, spikes and staples, metal
28350Nails, tacks, spikes and staples, metal, by use
28360Screws, non-turned, metal
28370Bolts , metal, non-turned
28380Nuts, metal, non-turned
28390Washers, metal, non-turned
28400Rings and ferrules, metal
28410Studs, metal, non-turned
28430Rivets, metal, non-turned
28440Screws, turned, metal
28450Nuts, turned, metal
28460Bolts, turned, metal
28470Washers, rod stocks and ringbolts, turned, metal
28480Rivets, turned, metal
28490Fasteners and fixing devices, metal, industrial
28500Hinges, metal
28510Hooks, metal
28520Handles, metal
28550Anchor systems
28600Hammers, mallets and similar tools
28610Pliers, clamps and similar tools
28620Screwdrivers, spanners and similar tools
28630Files, rasps and similar tools
28640Chisels, taps, dies, threaders, manual reamers, drills and similar tools
28670Anvils, vices and similar equipment
28680Tools, diamond and hard metal
28690Cutting, cutting-off and sawing tools
28700Tools and accessories for tools, metal, by use
28710Power line and cable maintenance tools and equipment, metal
28720Lubricating and oil purification equipment
28730Ironmongery and hardware for furniture
28740Ironmongery and hardware for coachwork
28750Metal components and fittings for gates, doors, windows, skylights, shutters, blinds and awnings
28760Support systems and products, metal
28770Metal products, miscellaneous
28790Lighting appliances, non-electric
28810Kitchen articles and tableware, metal
28820Household knives, by metal type
28830Household spoons and forks
28840Pie servers, ladles, serving tongs and other table cutlery, metal
28850Kitchen knives
28860Hunting, fighting and security knives
28870Knives for other uses
28880Scissors and shears
28890Blades, metal
28900Buttons, haberdashery, metal
28910Hooks and clasps, haberdashery, metal
28920Haberdashery metalware NES
28930Pins and needles, metal
28940Thimbles, haberdashery, metal
28950Gardening articles, metal
28960Household articles, metal
28970Metalware, decorative or ornamental
29Security equipment
29030Locks and padlocks
29050Components and accessories for locks and latches
29060Keys for locks
29080Restraint devices
29100Security installations
29130Fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems
29140Fire-fighting vehicles and engines
29150Fire-fighting pumps
29160Fire hoses and related equipment
29170Fire ladders
29180Smoke and fire detectors and alarms
29200Fire-fighting equipment NES
29220Accident prevention devices and equipment, industrial
29240Protective helmets, masks, eye shields and glasses
29260Safety straps and harnesses
29270Parachutes and related equipment
29290Rescue and emergency equipment and systems NES
29300Safety signs and warning lights
29310Signalling equipment, sound
29320Detection systems and alarms NES
29340Anti-theft systems
29360Signalling equipment NES
29380Access control, security and surveillance systems
29390Intruder detection systems
29450Safety and protective doors and windows
29470Mine clearing equipment
29480Individual arms
29500Components and accessories for individual arms
29530Heavy weapons, armoured vehicles
29560Heavy weapon components
29570Ammunition, mines, cartridges
29580Control systems for military applications
29590Airborne military equipment
29620Missiles and related equipment
29950Installation and maintenance services, for security equipment
31Glass, cement and ceramics
31010Mineral and ore mixing and crushing
31030Coking plant products
31040Coal based products
31050Carbon based products
31060Carbon fibre products
31070Diamonds, industrial, bort, grit and powder
31080Graphite products
31100Mica and micanite products
31110Quartz and silica electrothermal products
31120Perlite products
31130Vermiculite products
31140Rock wool products
31150Mineral insulating materials
31160Mineral fibre products, NES
31180Slate products
31190Stoneworking services
31200Stone products
31210Artificial and reconstituted stone products
31220Mineral products NES
31240Fibre cement products
31280Concrete products
31290Reinforced concrete products
31300Concrete products, precast
31320Gypsum and plaster
31330Gypsum products
31340Plaster products
31350Lime and stucco
31390Glass products
31400Flat glass
31410Glazing, glass
31450Shaped glass products
31460Glass beads, rods, tubes and bulbs
31470Glass containers
31480Glass bottles, flasks and jars
31490Hollow glassware for domestic and catering use
31500Laboratory glassware
31510Glass fibre products
31520Optical glass fibre products
31530Glass insulators
31540Glass and mineral seals
31560Crystal glassware
31580Optical blank glass
31610Glass decorating services
31620Glassware, handmade
31630Glass products, NES
31640Glass machining contractors
31660Mosaics, artistic
31680Tableware, ceramic
31690Decorative articles, ceramic
31700Technical ceramic products
31710Ceramic products for the electrical industry
31720Sanitary ware and bathroom accessories, ceramic
31760Silicon carbide products
31780Ceramic and clinker building products
31790Ceramic bricks
31800Ceramic roofing tiles
31810Ceramic flooring tiles
31830Ceramic fibre products
31850Stoneware products
31860Ceramic machining contractors
31880Refractory materials and their non-shaped products
31890Refractory materials and their non-shaped products by use
31910Refractory shaped products
31920Refractory bricks and blocks
31940Abrasive media
31950Abrasive media, by use
31960Abrasive coated products
31970Abrasive tools
31980Abrasive and grinding discs
31990Grinding wheels and abrasive stones
32Engines and mechanical parts
32010Steam turbines
32040Gas turbines
32050Marine turbines
32060Turbines NES
32070Turbines components NES
32080Marine engines
32090Components for marine engines
32100Hydraulic engines and turbines
32110Internal combustion engines
32120Gas engines
32130Petrol engines
32140Diesel engines
32150Reaction engines, aeronautical
32160Reaction engine components
32170Aircraft engines
32180Aircraft engine components
32190Exhaust system components for internal combustion engine
32200Inlet manifold components
32210Cylinder block components for internal combustion engine
32220Injection system components for internal combustion engines
32230Combustion system component for internal combustion engine
32240Preheater system components for internal combustion engine
32250Lubrication system components
32260Internal combustion engine components NES
32270Pumps for internal combustion engines
32280Air pumps
32290Lined pumps
32300Hydraulic pumps
32310Vacuum pumps
32320High vacuum pumps
32330Pumps, by use
32340Pumping sets
32350Pumps NES
32360Pump components and accessories
32370High vacuum equipment
32390Electric motors over 1 kW
32400Electric motors up to 1 kW
32410Electric motor components
32430Compressors by use
32440Compressor sets
32450Compressor components and accessories
32460Air compressors
32470Air compressor sets
32480Air motors
32490Pneumatic tools and machines
32500Pneumatic drilling and boring tools and machines
32510Pneumatic valves
32520Pneumatic cylinders
32530Hydro-pneumatic and oleopneumatic equipment
32540Pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic parts and accessories
32560Air springs and hydraulic shock absorbers
32580Hydraulic equipment
32590Hydraulic controls
32600Hydraulic valves
32610Hydraulic cylinders
32620Oil hydraulic equipment
32630Oil hydraulic valves
32640Oil hydraulic cylinders
32650Hydraulic and oil hydraulic parts and accessories
32670Bearings and pillow blocks, mechanical
32680Ball bearings
32690Roller bearings
32700Bushings for ball roller bearings
32710Ball and roller bearing components NES
32740Springs, by use
32750Mechanical shock absorbers and dampers
32770Power transmissions
32790Shaft couplings for industrial use
32800Clutches for industrial use
32820Drive shafts for industrial power transmission
32830Belts for industrial power transmission
32840Chains for industrial power transmission
32900Industrial gearboxes
32910Variable speed equipment for industrial power transmission
32920Brakes for industrial use
32930Actuators and jacks, mechanical
32940Sound reduction equipment
32950Sound reduction equipment, by use
32980Installation and maintenance services, for engines and mechanical components
33Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
33010Ovens, kilns and furnaces for industrial use
33020Industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces accessories
33040Boilers, by use
33050Boiler accessories
33060Industrial steam boilers
33070Industrial steam boilers, by use
33080Industrial steam boiler accessories
33090Boilers and water heaters, domestic, gas
33100Boilers and water heaters, domestic, solid and liquid fuel
33120Gas burners
33130Oil burners
33140Burners NES
33150Burner components
33180Water condensers
33210Radiators, domestic, gas
33230Convector heaters
33250Heat recovery systems
33260Heat exchangers
33270Heat exchangers, by use
33280Cooling towers
33290Cooling systems
33300Heat exchanger, cooling tower, water condenser and radiator components
33320Space heaters, domestic, solid and liquid fuel
33330Stoves, domestic, solid and liquid fuel
33340Central heating systems
33350Central heating system components and accessories
33360Floor or ceiling heating systems
33380Water heaters, industrial
33400Air heaters
33430Autoclaves, by use
33450Hot air generators
33480Heating equipment, industrial, electric
33490Heating equipment, industrial, electric, by use
33510Heaters, industrial, electric
33520Heaters industrial, electric, by use
33540Immersion heaters, industrial, electric
33570Radiators, domestic, electric
33580Heating elements and electrothermal appliance accessories, domestic, electric
33590Heating appliances, domestic, electric NES
33610Refrigeration plant and equipment, industrial
33620Freezers and deep-freezers
33630Cryogenic plants
33640Ice making and storing plant and equipment
33650Ice making and preserving equipment for ice rinks
33660Dry ice making and storing plant and equipment
33670Components and accessories for refrigeration equipment
33680Freeze drying plant and equipment
33690Driers and drying plant, industrial, non-electric
33700Driers, industrial, electric
33720Ventilation equipment
33750Ventilation, air conditioning (VAC) plants
33770Air conditioners
33800Air humidifying equipment
33810Air dehumidifiers
33820Air conditioner and ventilator components
33840Air filtration equipment
33850Air purification equipment
33870Clean rooms
33880Dust extraction equipment
33890Dust extraction equipment, by use
33900Fume extraction equipment
33910Fume extraction equipment, by use
33920Components and accessories for air filtration and purification, dust and fume extraction equipment
33940Fans and ventilators
33950Fans and ventilators, by use
33960Industrial blowers
33970Industrial blowers, by use
33980Components for ventilators, fans and blowers
33990Installation and maintenance services, for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
37Machinery and equipment for metalworking
37010Blast furnaces
37030Ore pre-processing machinery and equipment for blast furnaces
37040Blast furnace charging machinery and equipment
37050Blast furnace clinker and slag processing equipment
37060Blast furnace gas and hot wind treatment equipment
37070Steel production plant and machinery
37080Furnaces, kilns, ovens, for metal smelting and melting
37090Ancillary equipment for metal smelting and melting
37110Rolling mill plant
37120Rolling mill components and ancillary equipment
37130Metal sheet and strip production machinery
37140Metal tube and pipe production machinery
37150Wire drawing machinery
37160Metal extrusion machinery
37180Non-ferrous metal production plant, machinery and equipment
37190Electrometallurgy production plant, machinery and equipment
37210Foundry machinery and equipment for gravity die-casting
37220Die-casting, continuous and injection casting machinery and equipment
37250Foundry mould and core preparation machinery and equipment
37260Castings finishing machinery and equipment
37280Heat treatment furnaces for metal
37290Metal surface cleaning machinery
37300Metal surface treatment plant and equipment
37330Metal sand-blasting and shot-blasting plant and machinery
37340Metal painting, lacquering, varnishing machinery and equipment
37350Metal enamelling machinery and equipment
37360Powder coating machinery and equipment
37370Metal surface coating machinery and equipment NES
37390Flame welding and cutting machinery and equipment for metal
37400Arc welding machinery and equipment
37410Spot and resistance welding machinery and equipment
37420Electronic welding machinery and equipment for metals
37430Impact and explosion welding machinery and equipment
37450Welding and soldering ancillary equipment
37460Soldering and brazing machinery and equipment
37470Metal turning machines, lathes
37480Metal turning machines, lathes, special purpose
37490Components and accessories for metalworking lathes
37500Metal threading machines
37520Metal drilling, centring, tapping and boring machines
37540Metal milling machines
37550Gear cutting machines
37570Machine tools, multifunctional, for metalworking
37580Shaping machines, metalworking
37590Slotting, machines, metalworking
37600Broaching machines, metalworking
37610Planing machines, metalworking
37620Bevelling machines, metalworking
37630Metal grinding machines
37640Grinding and sharpening machines for tools
37660Metal polishing, honing and lapping machines
37670Metal sawing and cutting-off machines
37690Metal presses, mechanical
37700Metal presses, hydraulic
37710Metal presses, pneumatic
37720Presses for impact extrusion and metal sintering
37730Components and accessories for metal presses
37740Metal forging machinery
37750Metal sheet, plate, bar, section and tube working machines
37760Riveting machines, metalworking
37770Metal shearing and cutting machines, chipless. Guillotines
37780Spark erosion machines
37800Special purpose metalworking machines, chip removing
37810Special purpose metalworking machines, chipless
37820Special purpose precision engineering machine tools
37830Boilermaking machinery
37840Metal smallwares production machinery
37850Metal wire product making machinery
37860Metal rope and cable making machines
37870Transfer machine lines and work centres
37890Tools for chip removing machine tools, metalworking
37910Tools for chipless metal forming machine tools
37920Tools for precision machine tools
37930Control and transmission units for machine tools
37940Chucks for metalworking machine tools
37950Tables for metalworking machine tools
37960Spindles for metalworking machine tools
37970Clamps for metalworking machine tools
37980Metalworking machine tool ancillary equipment and accessories NES
37990Installation and maintenance services, for metalworking machines and equipment
39Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
39010Electric generator sets
39020Electric generators
39030Electromechanical converters
39050Spare parts and accessories for electric rotary machines and converters
39060Transformers and auto-transformers
39070Transformers and auto-transformers, by use
39080Components for electric transformers
39090Rectifiers, reactance and induction coils
39110Components for solenoids, reactance and induction coils
39130Permanent magnets
39140Magnetic and electromagnetic shielding materials
39150Electromagnetic separators
39160Demagnetising systems
39170Accumulators, batteries and secondary cells
39180Accumulators, batteries, secondary cells, by use
39190Components for batteries and accumulators
39200Battery chargers
39210Primary cells
39220Electric substations and switch- boxes
39230Transformer booths
39250Grid connecting equipment
39290Junction boxes
39310Power line cable and wire fittings
39330Earthing equipment
39350Components and accessories for fuses
39360Surge arresters
39370Circuit breakers
39380Electrical protection systems NES
39400Electric switches
39410Commutator switches
39420Electric relays
39430Isolating switches
39440Electric contactors
39460Electric starters
39470Electric regulators
39480Electric controllers
39490Electric plugs and sockets
39500Electric terminals
39510Electric connectors
39530Capacitors, fixed
39540Capacitors, variable
39550Capacitors, by use
39590Electric conductors
39600Electric power supplies
39610Electric wires, non-insulated
39620Electric wires, insulated
39630Electric cables, insulated
39640Electric cables, insulated, by use
39660Electrical insulators
39670Electrical insulating materials
39680Antistatic equipment
39690Electric lamps
39700Electric lamps, by use
39710Electric lamps, portable
39720Components and accessories for electric lighting fixtures
39730Lighting equipment, light emitting diode (LED)
39740Lighting equipment, fibre optics
39750Electric lighting equipment, security
39760Electric lighting equipment, indoor
39770Electric lighting equipment, indoor, by type
39780Electric lighting equipment, outdoor
39790Electric lighting equipment, outdoor, by type
39800Electric signs
39810Electric clamping tools
39820Electric drilling tools
39830Electric grinding tools
39840Electric sawing tools
39850Electric sanding and polishing tools
39860Electric fastening tools
39870Electric tapping tools
39880Electric tools NES
39890Display boards, electric
39900Machinery and equipment for electrical goods production
39910Electrical industry contractors
39930Nuclear fuels
39940Absorbent materials for the nuclear industry
39950Nuclear engineering plant, installations and equipment
39970Particle accelerator equipment
39990Nuclear engineering contractors
40Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
40010Electronic power supplies
40030Electronic connectors
40060Electronic regulators
40070Power chokes and inductors
40090Optoelectronic systems and equipment
40100Filters for the electronics industry
40110Electronic assemblies and microcircuits
40120Microelectronic equipment
40140Electronic tubes
40150Transmitting and rectifying tubes and valves, electronic
40160Cathode ray tubes
40170Gas filled tubes
40180Components and accessories for electronic tubes
40200Semiconductor diodes
40210Semiconductors NES
40220Components for semiconductors
40240Transistors, thyristors and metal rectifiers
40260Integrated circuits (ICs)
40270Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
40280Components for electronic circuits
40300Electronic relays
40310Electronic converters
40320Frequency selectors
40340Amplifiers, by use
40380Microwave systems
40410Electronic sensors
40430Electronic controllers
40450Wires and cables for telecommunications and electronics
40460Fibre optic cables
40490Electronic and telecommunications equipment for military use
40500Geolocation equipment
40520Electronic information display systems
40550Telecommunication systems
40560Telecommunication switching systems
40570Equipment for telephone networks
40580Equipment for radio communication networks
40590Equipment for television networks
40610Equipment for digital networks
40620Equipment for fibre optic networks
40630Equipment for satellite communications
40640Outside broadcasting (OB) and mobile units
40650Remote management equipment
40670Telephone accessories
40680Call systems
40690Telephone intercommunication equipment
40700Remote controls, electronic
40710Remote controls, radio
40720Radio direction finding (RDF) equipment
40730Radars and radar components
40740Radars and radar components, aircraft industry
40750Radars and radar components, marine and submarine
40760Radio transmitters
40770Radio receivers
40780Radio transmitters and receivers, by use
40790Television transmitters and receivers
40800Television systems
40810Television cameras
40820Video systems
40850Digital recorders
40860Digital players
40880Audio-visual (AV) equipment components and accessories
40890Simultaneous interpreting equipment
40900Sound equipment
40940Recording equipment for industrial use
40950Audio tape recorders
40960Aerials/antennas, radioelectric
40970Production machinery for the electronics industry
40980Electronics industry contractors
40990Installation and maintenance services for the electronics industry
42Measuring and testing equipment
42010Electrical measuring and controlling instruments
42020Electrical and electronic measuring, monitoring and controlling instruments for various applications
42030Magnetic and electromagnetic measuring instruments
42040Measuring instruments, magnetism
42050Electrical resistance measuring instruments
42060Conductivity measuring instruments
42070Instruments for measuring electrical currents
42080Instruments for measuring electrical frequencies
42090Measuring instruments for electromagnetic waves
42100Ultrasonic measuring equipment
42110Sound measuring instruments
42120Vibration measuring instruments
42130Speed measuring instruments
42140Pressure measuring instruments
42150Pressure regulating and controlling instruments
42160Technical drawing instruments
42170Mathematical and geometry instruments
42180Length measuring instruments
42190Volume measuring instruments
42200Density measuring instruments
42210Scales, balances and weighing machines
42220Scales, balances and weighing machines by use
42230Accessories for scales, balances and weighing systems
42240Dosing equipment
42250Elasticity measuring instruments
42260Viscosity measuring instruments
42270Acidity measuring instruments
42290Porosity measuring instruments
42310Temperature measuring instruments NES
42330Temperature regulating and control equipment NES
42340Underwater testing and measuring instruments
42350Flow meters
42360Flow control equipment
42370Leak detection equipment for liquids
42380Level measuring and control equipment for liquids
42390Moisture measuring instruments
42400Meteorological equipment
42410Geodesy instruments
42420Topography and surveying instruments
42440Geomechanical measuring instruments
42450Seismography instruments
42470Test rigs
42480Mechanical testing equipment
42490Tensile testing equipment
42500Dynamic testing equipment
42510Structural testing equipment
42520Hardness testing equipment
42530Hydraulic testing equipment
42540Thermal testing equipment
42560Gas detection equipment
42570Gas analysing equipment
42580Odour analysing equipment
42590Liquid analysing equipment
42600Seal testing equipment
42610Chromatography equipment
42630Granulometry analysing equipment
42680Instrument recorders for research and industry
42700Testing equipment for the electrical industry
42710Testing equipment for the electronics industry
42720Testing equipment for the aircraft industry
42730Testing equipment for the motor vehicle industry
42740Testing equipment for paper and paper pulp
42750Testing equipment for the chemical industry
42760Testing equipment for colours, paints and varnishes
42770Testing equipment for rubber and plastic
42780Testing equipment for the textile industry
42790Agronomy testing equipment
42800Testing equipment for the food processing industry
42810Testing equipment for precious stones
42820Testing equipment for the mechanical industry
42830Testing equipment for climatic engineering
42840Metal testing equipment
42850Telecommunication measuring and testing equipment
42860Testing equipment for industries (NES)
42870Nuclear radiation testing equipment
42880Control instruments for nuclear installations
42890Measuring and controlling instruments, nuclear technology based
42900Sampling equipment
42910Metal detectors
42920Counters (controlling equipment)
42930Indicators (controlling equipment)
42940Checking instruments, mechanical
42950Components and accessories for precision measuring instruments
42960Regulators (controlling equipment)
42970Control systems, automatic
42990Installation and maintenance services for measuring and testing equipment
43Optical, photographic and cinematographic equipment
43030Optical lenses
43040Optical lenses by use
43060Optical mirrors
43070Optical mirrors by use
43090Optical prisms
43120Optical filters
43140Contact lenses
43150Spectacles and spectacle frames
43160Corrective lenses
43170Machinery and equipment for the optical industry and for opticians
43390Microscopes by use
43400Microscope accessories
43430Optical projectors
43500Spectroscopy instruments
43520Optical measuring instruments NES
43550Laser components
43560Laser equipment
43570Gamma ray equipment
43580X-ray equipment
43590Ultraviolet (UV) equipment
43620Infrared equipment
43650Astronomy equipment
43680Optical instruments for military use
43690Photoelectric control systems and devices
43710Cameras by use
43720Components and accessories for cameras, photographic equipment and projectors
43740Equipment for photographic studios
43750Photographic processing equipment
43770Cine-cameras and video cameras
43780Accessories for cine-cameras and video cameras
43820Cine film processing equipment
43830Film studio equipment
43840Film projection equipment
43850Video projectors
43860Photographic projection equipment
43870Microfilm equipment
43950Installation and maintenance services for the optical industry
45Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
45010Diamonds, rough
45020Gem stones, rough
45040Crystals and petrographic samples
45050Diamonds, polished
45060Gem stones, shaped
45080Gem stones, synthetic
45110Jewellery by material type
45120Costume jewellery
45140Precious metalware
45150Gold plated and silver plated ware
45160Pewter ware
45170Bronze, copper, brass and wrought iron products, artistic
45190Ivory, bone and horn ware
45200Religious articles, Christian
45210Religious articles, Islamic
45220Religious articles, Buddhist and Hindu
45230Religious articles, Jewish
45260Funeral and coffin furnishings
45300Trophies and cups
45320Coins and tokens
45330Medals and decorations
45340Badges and escutcheons
45410Clocks for specific use
45470Timers for specific use
45490Timing mechanisms NES
45500Watch bracelets and straps
45510Blank movements for watches
45530Jewels for watches and instruments
45540Dials for clocks, watches and instruments
45550Hands for clocks, watches and instruments
45560Glasses for clocks, watches and instruments
45570Cases for clocks, watches and instruments
45580Clock, watch and instrument springs
45590Watch, clock and instrument components NES
45610Machinery for the watch industry
45620Tools and equipment for the watch industry
45640Machinery and equipment for the precious stone industry
45660Machinery for the jewellery industry
45670Tools and equipment for the jewellery industry
45700Accessories for the jewellery and watchmaking industries
45740Tattoo and piercing equipment
45850Gem stone processing services
45900Jewellery design services
45950Installation and maintenance services for jewellery and watchmaking equipment
46Sports and leisure equipment
46010Skiing equipment
46020Mountaineering and speleology equipment
46040Boardsports, sledging sports and ice skating sports equipment except skiing equipment
46060Swimming and diving equipment
46070Sailing and water sports equipment
46090Team sports equipment
46110Racket sports equipment
46120Golf equipment
46140Martial arts and fighting sports equipment
46160Precision and target sports
46180Athletics equipment
46200Gymnasium and physical exercise equipment
46220Equestrian sports equipment
46240Sports equipment NES
46260Sports ground equipment NES
46280Fishing and hunting equipment
46300Camping equipment
46310Play areas
46320Soft toys
46330Dolls and puppets
46360Toys and games, mechanical
46380Toys and games, electric, electronic and for computers
46400Musical articles and toys
46410Educational and board games
46420Art and craft activity games
46430Games of skill
46440Toys and games, rubber
46450Toys and games, plastic
46460Toys and games, wooden
46480Scale models
46490Toy and game components
46510Painting and drawing equipment and requisites
46530Musical instruments, keyboard
46540Musical instruments, string
46550Musical instruments, brass and woodwind
46560Musical instruments, percussion
46580Pianolas, music boxes and barrel organs
46590Musical instrument components and accessories
46600Musical instrument maintenance and repair services
46610Nightclub equipment
46620Gaming and gambling machines
46640Amusement park equipment
46660Equipment for pyrotechnical shows
46670Festival and party articles and decorations
46680Flags, banners and pennants
46700Souvenirs, non-promotional giftware and novelties
46750Travel goods and bags
46770Cases and small boxes
46800Smokers' requisites
46900Production machinery for sports and leisure equipment
48Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment
48010Agricultural tractors
48030Earthmoving and soil levelling equipment, farm use
48040Soil dressing equipment. Harrows
48050Ploughs and ploughing equipment
48070Seed treatment equipment
48080Sowing and planting equipment
48090Hydroculture or hydroponics equipment
48110Manure processing equipment
48120Fertiliser spreaders
48140Irrigation and watering equipment
48160Crop protection equipment
48190Cereal harvesting and processing machinery and equipment, farm use
48200Forage harvesting and processing machinery and equipment, farm use
48230Balers, agricultural
48260Root and tuber crop cultivation equipment
48280Fruit harvesting and processing machinery and equipment
48290Vegetable harvesting and processing machinery and equipment
48320Mushroom farm equipment
48350Vineyard equipment
48380Cattle breeding and farming equipment
48390Pig, sheep and goat breeding and farming equipment
48400Dairy farm equipment
48410Poultry breeding and farming equipment
48420Bee-keeping equipment
48430Fish, mollusc and crustacean farming equipment
48440Fur animal breeding and farming equipment
48450Pet breeding equipment
48460Livestock feeding equipment
48470Livestock care and grooming equipment
48480Sericulture equipment
48500Agricultural handling equipment
48510Agricultural storage equipment
48520Hygiene equipment, farm use
48540Agricultural trailers, wagons and carts
48570Agricultural equipment parts and accessories
48600Agricultural and horticultural tools
48620Agricultural power cultivators
48630Lawn care machinery and equipment
48640Floriculture equipment
48660Artificial and dried flowers, florists' sundries
48680Plantation machinery and equipment
48710Forestry machinery and equipment
48800Precision farming systems
48900Installation and maintenance services for agricultural and forestry equipment
49Food, drink, tobacco and catering industry machinery and equipment
49030Grinding machinery and equipment for the food industry
49040Drying machinery and equipment for the food industry
49050Cooking machinery and equipment for the food industry
49060Mixing machinery and equipment for the food industry
49070Cutting machinery and equipment for the food industry
49080Centrifugation machinery and equipment for the food industry
49090Refrigeration machinery and equipment for the food industry
49100Freezing machinery and equipment for the food industry
49110Autoclaves, food industry
49130Machinery and equipment for the food industry NES
49140Installation and maintenance services for the food processing industry
49160Sugar beet processing machinery and equipment, industrial
49170Sugar cane processing machinery and equipment, industrial
49180Sugar refinery machinery and equipment
49190Sugar confectionery making plant and equipment
49200Syrup, candied fruit and jam making plant and equipment
49250Starch and glucose/dextrose production machinery and equipment
49260Grain and maize/corn pre-processing machinery and equipment, industrial
49270Flour, semolina and rice milling and processing machinery and equipment
49280Pasta manufacturing machinery and equipment
49290Bakery machinery and equipment
49300Dough processing machinery and equipment for the baking industry
49310Cooking and baking equipment for the baking industry
49350Cocoa bean processing and chocolate making plant and equipment
49360Coffee, tea and chicory processing plant and equipment
49390Edible vegetable oil and fat processing plant and equipment
49400Edible animal oil and fat processing plant and equipment
49430Abattoir plant and equipment
49440Meat and offal processing and sausage making machinery and equipment
49450Butchery machinery and equipment
49480Vegetable and fruit processing machinery and equipment, industrial
49490Vinegar, condiment and mustard making plant and equipment
49500Fish, shellfish and seaweed processing machinery and equipment, industrial
49570Casein and lactose plant and equipment
49580Dairy industry machinery and equipment
49590Condensed and powdered milk manufacturing plant and equipment
49600Cream, butter and yogurt making machinery and equipment
49610Cheese making machinery and equipment
49620Egg industry machinery and equipment
49630Ice cream making and dispensing machinery and equipment
49700Distillery machinery and equipment
49710Malting plant and equipment
49720Wine production plant and equipment
49730Brewery plant and equipment
49740Cider production plant and equipment
49750Soft drink and fruit juice production plant and equipment
49760Mineral water processing and carbonating plant and equipment
49770Drinks industry machinery and equipment NES
49800Animal feed processing machinery and equipment, industrial
49870Tobacco leaf processing and cigar production plant and equipment
49880Cigarette production plant and equipment
49900Grinding machinery and equipment for the catering industry
49910Cutting machinery and equipment for the catering industry
49920Cooking and baking equipment for the catering industry
49930Drink or food dispensers for the catering industry
49940Catering machinery and equipment NES
49950Food grinding and cutting machinery and equipment, domestic
49960Cooking equipment, domestic
49970Mixing equipment and robots, domestic
49980Kitchen appliances, electric, domestic NES
49990Installation and maintenance services for the catering industry
50Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
50010Cotton preparation machinery and equipment
50020Silk and schappe preparation machinery and equipment
50030Fellmongery, wool preparation machinery and equipment
50040Wool carding and combing machinery and equipment
50050Hemp, flax and other vegetable fibre preparation machinery and equipment
50060Man-made fibre production and processing plant
50070Opening machinery and equipment for the textile industry
50080Textile carding and combing machinery and equipment
50100Textile spinning and twisting machinery
50120Textile winding and reeling machinery for yarns
50130Beaming machinery and equipment
50140Textile spinning, twisting, winding and reeling machinery components and accessories
50180Cordage, rope, twine and braid production machinery
50190Yarn preparation machinery and equipment
50200Textile weaving machinery. Looms
50220Textile weaving machinery components and accessories
50300Knitting machinery and attachments
50320Weaving machinery for metal and inorganic threads
50340Carpet and tapestry making machinery and equipment
50370Ribbon and trimming making machinery
50400Embroidery, lace, net and tulle making machinery
50460Textile carbonising machinery and equipment
50500Textile scouring, washing, teasing, singeing/gassing and bleaching machinery and equipment
50510Textile mercerising machinery and equipment
50540Textile dyeing and boiling machinery and equipment
50550Textile calendering machinery and equipment
50560Textile printing machinery and equipment
50570Textile coating machinery and equipment
50590Textile shearing machinery and equipment
50600Textile finishing machinery and equipment
50630Textile and fabric conditioning, winding, folding and cutting machinery and equipment
50650Cotton wool and surgical dressing making machinery and equipment
50700Felt and non-woven fabric making machinery
50710Drying machinery and equipment for the textile industry
50720Machinery and equipment for the textile industry NES
50750Sewing machines and attachments
50800Machinery and equipment for the clothing industry NES
50820Hat, glove and umbrella making machinery and equipment
50850Tent, awning, cover and canvas bag making machinery
50910Tannery machinery and equipment
50920Leather working and saddlery machinery and equipment
50930Fur working machinery and equipment
50940Boot and shoemaking machinery and equipment
50960Upholstering and mattress production machinery and equipment
50980Installation and maintenance services for the textile industry
52Chemical industry plant and equipment
52010Inorganic chemical production plant and equipment
52020Organic chemical production plant and equipment
52030Chillers for the chemical industry
52070Tanning extract production plant and equipment
52110Acid production plant and equipment
52130Alkali, phosphate, superphosphate production plant and equipment
52150Metalloid production and processing plant and equipment
52170Fertiliser production plant and equipment
52180Chemical processing plant and equipment NES
52200Crushers, mills and pulverisers
52230Mixers and blenders for the chemical industry
52240Centrifuges for the chemical industry
52250Screeners for the chemical industry
52260Granulators for the chemical industry
52280Driers for the chemical industry
52300Evaporators for the chemical industry
52310Crystallisers for the chemical industry
52340Distillation equipment for the chemical industry
52360Filters and strainers for the chemical industry
52370Filters and strainers for the chemical industry, by use
52380Separators for the chemical industry
52400Plants and vessels for the chemical industry
52410Ancillary equipment for the chemical industry
52420Electrochemical and electrolytic plant and equipment
52500Industrial alcohol and wort production plant and equipment
52520Essence and perfume production plant and equipment
52550Technical gas production plant and equipment
52670Industrial oil and grease production plant and equipment
52690Soap and glycerol/glycerine production plant and equipment
52710Stearin and candle production plant and equipment
52730Glue, gelatine and floor wax production plant and equipment
52750Explosives and pyrotechnics production plant and equipment
52760Match production plant and equipment
52770Paint, varnish, enamel and ink production plant and equipment
52790Laboratory equipment, general
52800Laboratory equipment, specialised
52820Laboratory equipment, microbiological
52840Laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical and cosmetic
52860Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics production plant and equipment
52950Installation and maintenance services, for chemical processing equipment and machines
53Rubber and plastic industry plant and equipment
53010Raw rubber processing equipment
53020Raw rubber vulcanising machinery and equipment
53030Rubber processing machinery and equipment
53040Rubber product making machinery and equipment
53050Tyre making machinery and equipment
53300Plastic extrusion equipment and machinery
53350Plastic moulding equipment and machinery
53400Injection moulding machinery and equipment for plastics
53450Thermoforming machines for plastics
53470Ovens for the plastics industry
53500Expanded/foam plastics manufacturing machinery and equipment
53550Welding machinery and equipment for plastics
53600Plastic surface treatment machinery and equipment
53650Machining equipment for plastics
53680High precision plastic processing machinery and equipment
53700Plastic processing machinery and equipment NES
53800Plastic product making machinery and equipment
53950Installation and maintenance services for rubber and plastic processing equipment
55Paper and board making plant and equipment
55020Log processing machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55060Cooking machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55080Refining machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55100Washing machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55140Screening and purifying equipment and equipment for paper pulp production
55150Mixing machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55180Bleaching machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55190Dewatering machinery and equipment for paper pulp production
55200Rag pulp production machinery and equipment
55210Straw pulp production machinery and equipment
55220Waste paper pulp production machinery and equipment
55240Handling and storage equipment, papermaking industry
55260Papermaking plant and equipment
55280Components for papermaking machinery and equipment
55300Paper sheets moulding machinery and equipment
55320Dewatering plant and equipment, papermaking industry
55340Presses and rollers, papermaking industry
55380Dryers, papermaking industry
55460Calendering machinery and equipment, papermaking industry
55500Coating machinery and equipment, papermaking industry
55540Winding machinery and equipment, papermaking industry
55580Slitting machinery and equipment, papermaking industry
55600Paper converting machinery and equipment
55620Packaging equipment, papermaking industry
55640Handling equipment, papermaking industry
55660Paper product making machinery and equipment
55700Paper label making machinery and equipment
55740Cardboard making machinery and equipment
55760Cardboard coating and glueing machinery and equipment
55780Cardboard forming machinery and equipment
55820Cardboard cutting and perforating machinery and equipment
55860Cardboard product making machinery and equipment
55880Cardboard handling and storage machinery and equipment
55900Machinery and equipment for the papermaking industry NES
55950Installation and maintenance services, for papermaking equipment
56Printing equipment. Office and shop equipment
56010Printing presses
56020Rotary printing presses
56030Offset printing presses
56040Lithographic printing presses
56050Hot stamping machinery and equipment
56060Printing presses for specific surfaces
56090Machinery and equipment for printing presses
56100Equipment for offset printing presses
56110Photomechanical printing machinery and equipment
56120Pad printing machinery and equipment
56130Screen printing equipment
56140Ink jet printing machinery and equipment
56150Laser printing machinery and equipment
56160Digital printing machinery and equipment
56180Flexographic/aniline printing machinery and equipment
56190Gravure printing machinery and equipment
56200Intaglio printing machinery and equipment NES
56210Machinery and equipment for printing inks' use
56230Prepress machinery and equipment
56290Cutting and perforating machinery and equipment, printing industry
56320Glueing machinery and equipment, printing industry
56350Soft binding machinery and equipment, printing industry
56380Folding machinery and equipment, printing industry
56410Laminating machinery and equipment, printing industry
56440Bookbinding machinery and equipment, printing industry
56470Gilding machinery and equipment
56480Cleaning machinery and equipment, printing industry
56490Handling machinery and equipment, printing industry
56500Printing industry machinery and equipment NES
56510Installation and maintenance services for printing machinery and equipment
56560Filing systems
56570Chalk, marking
56580Pencils and pencil parts
56600Pens and pen parts
56620Typewriters and teleprinters
56630Writing and display boards
56660Office machinery and equipment NES
56690Promotional articles and corporate giftware
56720Publicity panels
56750Nameplates, professional
56780Display stands
56810Display dummies
56850Accounting and invoicing machines. Cash registers
56870Coin management equipment
56890Bank note management equipment
56910Cheque management equipment
56920Credit and debit card management equipment
56940Vending machines
56950Coin testers and mechanisms for vending machines
56960Coin or ticket operated equipment
56980Mailing and postal machinery and equipment
56990Installation and maintenance services for offices and shops
57Information technology (IT) and Internet
57010Computer processors
57020Servers (computing)
57040Personal computers (PC)
57060Industrial computers
57080Monitors/display screens
57100Input peripherals
57120Connectors for computer peripherals
57140Cards for computers
57160Computer memories
57180Data storage devices for computing
57200Optical disc drives (ODD)
57220Printers (computing)
57240Document scanners
57260Computer accessories
57280Computer cable assemblies
57300Computer network equipment
57320Magnetic cards and magnetic card readers
57340Educational equipment, simulators
57360Operating systems
57380Software, systems
57400Software, network management
57420Software, computer security
57440Software, coding and programming
57460Software, database and information management
57480Software, internet and intranet
57500Software, communications
57520Software, typesetting, editing and desktop publishing (DTP) design
57540Software, graphic design
57560Software, music and voice recognition
57580Application software, office
57600Enterprise application software (EAS)
57620Software, industrial
57640Software, electronic commerce (E-commerce)
57660Software, training purposes
57680Software, utilities
57700Software, simulation
57720Software, virtualisation
57730Software, games and entertainment
57750Information technology (IT) maintenance services
57770Electronic data processing (EDP) services
57790Information technology (IT) outsourcing services
57810Information technology (IT) hosting services
57830Information technology (IT) auditing and consulting services
57850Information technology (IT) engineering
57890Information technology support and maintenance services (help desks)
57910Information technology (IT) security services
57930Internet services
57950Social media
59Oil and gas industry plant and equipment
59050Oil and gas prospecting and test drilling machinery and equipment
59090Oil and gas production platforms
59120Machinery and equipment for offshore platforms
59140Machinery and equipment for offshore oil and gas production
59170Drilling rig machinery and equipment for water wells
59210Drilling machinery and equipment for oil and gas production
59250Extraction machinery and equipment for oil and gas wells
59280Monitoring machinery and equipment for oil and gas extraction
59310Oil and gas pumping machinery and equipment
59350Petroleum gas production plant and equipment
59370Gas flaring equipment and machinery
59390Filters and separators, oil and gas production
59470Petroleum refinery plant and equipment
59490Petroleum desalination equipment and machinery
59510Petroleum re-heating equipment
59550Petroleum measuring and testing equipment
59610Petroleum products storage installations
59660Coal gas production plant and equipment
59690Natural gas production plant and equipment
59810Gas storage equipment
59820Detecting equipment and machinery, oil and gas
59890Transportation equipment, oil and gas
59920Cleaning machinery and equipment, oil and gas industry
59950Installation and maintenance services for oil and gas production equipment
60Mining, quarrying and stoneworking plant and equipment
60010Mining safety machinery and equipment
60020Miners' tools
60030Mining prospection and boring machinery and equipment
60040Test equipment for minerals and ores
60050Rock drilling machinery and equipment
60070Underground mining machinery and equipment
60080Mine shoring machinery and equipment
60110Mine ventilation machinery and equipment
60140Ores and minerals extraction equipment
60170Pumps, mining
60190Opencast mining machinery and equipment
60220Ores and minerals clearing and removal machinery and equipment
60230Stowing mining machinery and equipment
60250Mining plant vehicles
60260Mining plant conveyors
60270Salt plant machinery and equipment
60280Coal and ore processing plant and equipment
60290Tar processing plant and equipment
60300Peat production machinery and equipment
60310Separation machinery and equipment, ore and mineral production
60330Installation and maintenance services for mining equipment and machinery
60350Coking plant and equipment
60370Quarrying machinery and equipment
60380Handling equipment and machinery, quarrying and stoneworking
60390Slate working machinery and equipment
60400Stone cutting equipment and machinery
60410Marble and granite cutting machinery and equipment
60430Sand and gravel extracting, washing, crushing and grading machinery and equipment
60450Mineral fibre processing plant and equipment
60460Fibre cement processing plant and equipment
60600Machinery and equipment, ceramics industry
60610Machinery and equipment for ceramic products
60640Mills for the ceramics industry
60670Mixers for the ceramics industry
60700Moulds and presses for the ceramics industry
60720Ovens and furnaces for the ceramics industry
60740Finishing machinery and equipment for the ceramics industry
60750Installation and maintenance services for the ceramics industry
60770Production machinery and equipment for refractory products
60800Machinery and equipment for the glass industry
60820Furnaces for the glass industry
60830Glass-cutting machinery and equipment
60860Production machinery and equipment for glass products
60890Finishing machinery and equipment for the glass industry
60910Machinery and equipment for glass plants
60920Optical glass production machinery and equipment
60930Optical fibre production plant and equipment
60950Installation and maintenance services for the glass industry
60960Abrasive product manufacturing plant and equipment
61Civil engineering and building machinery and equipment
61010Clay processing machinery and equipment
61020Clay tile and brick production plant and equipment
61030Clay tile and brick casting machinery and equipment
61040Lime production machinery and equipment
61050Machinery and equipment for cement plants
61060Cement and sandlime product making plant and equipment
61070Machinery and equipment for industrial plaster processing plants
61080Testing equipment for building materials
61090Builders' tools
61100Construction painters' and decorators' tools
61110Glaziers' tools
61120Masonry tools
61130Machinery and equipment for plasterers
61140Machinery and equipment for tile layers
61170Drilling and boring equipment for civil engineering
61190Sinking machinery and equipment for the building industry
61220Shoring machinery and equipment for the building industry
61260Concrete mixing and placing machinery and equipment
61270Concrete moulding machinery and equipment
61280Concrete product manufacturing machinery and equipment
61300Injection machinery and equipment for the building industry
61340Cutting machinery and equipment for the building industry
61380Demolition machinery and equipment for the building industry
61420Earth-moving machinery and equipment
61430Cable and pipeline laying machinery and equipment
61440Tractors, civil engineering
61450Components and accessories for civil engineering vehicles and machinery
61460Road making machinery and equipment
61470Roadrollers and compactors
61500Road maintenance machinery and equipment
61540Road cleaning machinery and equipment
61560Snow clearing machinery and equipment, for roads
61600Railway track construction equipment and machinery
61620Rails and railway sleepers for railways
61640Overhead line equipment for railways
61660Railway track maintenance machinery and equipment
61680Tunnel construction machinery and equipment
61700Bridge construction machinery and equipment
61720Draining machinery and equipment
61740Harbour, river and canal construction machinery and equipment
61750Canal locks machinery and equipment
61760Harbour, river and canal maintenance machinery and equipment
61800Pumps for civil engineering and the building industry
61840Shovels, mechanical, for civil engineering and the building industry
61880Construction materials handling machinery and equipment
61920Building machinery and equipment NES
61960Safety equipment for civil engineering and the building industry
61980Installation and maintenance services for civil engineering and building machinery and equipment
62Handling and storage plant and equipment
62030Mobile cranes
62040Crane parts and accessories
62060Gantries, lifting beams and jib attachments
62130Cable reels and retractors
62180Jacks, mechanical handling
62240Lifting platforms
62300Lifts and elevators
62330Lift and elevator components and accessories
62360Escalators and moving walkways
62370Escalator and moving walkway components and accessories
62410Conveyors for bulk
62420Conveyors for unit loads
62430Belt conveyors
62440Components and accessories for conveyors and conveyor belts
62510Goods and warehouse sorting machines
62530Continuous mechanical handling for bulk NES
62560Continuous mechanical handling for unit loads
62590Pneumatic handling equipment
62600Air cushion handling equipment
62610Lifting equipment, vacuum
62660Handling carts, trucks and trolleys
62670Industrial carts, trucks and trolleys
62680Forklift trucks
62690Industrial tractors
62700Industrial trailers
62720Pallet trucks
62770Components and accessories for industrial handling vehicles
62790Skips and buckets
62810Freight containers
62820Handling equipment NES
62830Tongs, grabs and clamps for lifting equipment
62840Handling equipment parts and accessories
62890Storage equipment for bulk
62900Automated handling and storage plant and installations
62910Storage systems
62920Industrial stacking and shelving
62940Automation systems and servomechanisms
62960Robots, industrial
62980Industrial robot components, automated equipment accessories
62990Installation and maintenance services for handling machinery and equipment
63Packaging machinery, equipment and services
63010Canning plant and equipment
63020Canning plant and equipment, by product
63030Bottling plant and equipment
63050Packaging machinery for liquids, pastes, viscous and semi-solid products
63100Packaging machinery for solid, granular and fragmented materials
63110Packaging machinery for personal care, pharmaceutical and medical products
63120Packaging machinery for solid, granular and fragmented materials NES
63130Bag filling machinery and equipment
63140Wrapping machinery and equipment
63150Wrapping machinery and equipment, by product type
63180Boxing and crating machinery and equipment
63200Packaging and bottling machinery accessories
63220Labelling and marking machinery and equipment
63230Labelling and marking machinery and equipment, by product type
63480Installation and maintenance services for the packaging industry
63500Packaging contractors
63520Reconditioning contractors
65Industrial subcontractors
65010Mould and industrial pattern making contractors
65020Foundry mould and pattern making contractors
65090Metal moulding contractors
65100Metal forging contractors
65110Metal stamping contractors
65120Drop forging services
65130Metal rolling contractors
65140Metal pressing contractors
65160Metal powder forming services
65180Boilerwork services
65190Sheet metal working services
65200Metal pipework services
65220Brazing services for metal parts
65230Welding services for metal parts
65270Turned products, metal
65280Turned products, by industry
65310Metal machining contractors
65320Machining services for metal wire
65330Turning and milling services for metals
65350Metal engraving services
65360Screw thread cutting services, metal
65370Metal cutting services
65380Metal drilling services
65390Bending services for metals
65400Boring services for metals
65420Grinding services for metals
65450Polishing services for metals
65460Cleaning services for metals
65490Metal heat treatment contractors
65520Chemical treatment services for metal parts
65540Surface coating, non metallic, for metal surfaces
65550Metallising services for metallic surfaces
65560Metal surface painting services
65580Precious metal refining contractors
65590Precious metal surface treatment and machining contractors
65620Metal surface treatment and machining contractors for the clock and watch industry
65660Mould and pattern making services for the rubber and plastic industry
65670Rubber processing services
65680Rubber moulding services
65690Rubber machining services
65700Processing services for silicone rubber
65710Pre-processing of plastics
65720Plastic processing services
65740Plastic moulding services
65760Heat-sealing services for thermoplastics
65770Thermoplastics processing services
65790Thermosetting plastic contractors
65820Machining contractors for plastic
65840Welding services for plastic materials
65860Engraving services for plastic
65870Coating services for plastic and rubber materials
65880Plastic coating services
65900Prototyping services
65910Mechanical construction services
65930Mechanical assembly contractors
65960Installation services for industrial equipment
65980Maintenance and repair services for industrial equipment
66Means of transport
66010Shipbuilding and maintenance services
66020Equipment for boat and ship maintenance
66030Cargo ships
66040Passenger ships
66050Service ships
66060Specialised ships
66070Military ships
66080Fishing boats
66090Yachts and pleasure boats
66100Racing boats
66110Submersible vessels and equipment
66120Inflatable and rowing boats
66130Structural boat and ship parts and accessories
66140Marine propulsion, transmission and steering units. Boilers
66150Masts, for boats and ships
66160Maintenance, mooring and anchoring equipment, for boats and ships
66170Signalling and safety equipment, for ships and boats
66180Control and navigational instruments for ships
66190Fishing equipment, for ships and boats
66200Parts and accessories, for ships and boats, NES
66210Harbour equipment
66220Lighthouse equipment. Beacons and buoys
66240Locomotives and railcars
66250Railway and tram carriages and wagons
66270Underground/subway trains
66280Rolling stock components and accessories
66290Railway shunting and goods handling equipment
66300Electrical signalling and safety equipment for railways and tramways
66310Installation and maintenance services for railway equipment
66320Transport equipment by cable ropeways
66330Passenger cars
66340Commercial vehicles
66350Motor cars, special purpose
66360Tracked and amphibious vehicles and spare parts
66370Buses and motor coaches
66390Trucks/lorries spare parts
66400Truck/lorry trailers
66410Light trailers
66420Motorised caravans and campers
66430Caravans, towable
66440Light trailer and caravan components and accessories
66450Coachbuilders, motor vehicles
66460Motor vehicle body spare parts
66470Motor vehicle chassis
66480Conversion and customisation services for motor vehicles
66490Vehicles for the disabled
66500Wheels and castors for vehicles
66510Motor vehicle transmission parts and spare parts
66520Motor vehicle steering and suspension parts
66530Motor vehicle braking system parts
66550Motor vehicle control system components
66560Motor vehicle ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
66570Motor vehicle electrical and electronic equipment
66580Motor vehicle control instruments and panels
66590Motor vehicle accessories
66600Motor vehicle safety equipment and accessories
66610Road safety equipment
66620Road traffic regulating and controlling equipment and accessories
66630Car park equipment
66640Service station equipment
66650Motor vehicle washing equipment and services
66660Motor vehicle garage and repair shop equipment
66670Motor vehicle maintenance and repair services
66680Motor vehicle servicing and repair equipment
66690Motor vehicle testing equipment for garages
66700Installation and maintenance services for garages and petrol stations
66710Motorcycles, motor scooters and mopeds
66720Motorcycle parts
66730Motorcycle accessories
66750Bicycle parts and accessories
66760Animal drawn vehicles
66790Helicopter components
66810Aeroplane structural components
66820Aircraft cockpit equipment
66830Aircraft cabin equipment and appliances
66840Aeroplane control systems
66850Aeroplane navigational systems
66860Aeroplane electrical equipment
66880Flight instruments and aeroplane on-board ancillary equipment
66890Aeroplane ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
66900Aeroplane signalling and safety equipment
66910Aeroplane components NES
66920Aircraft overhaul, maintenance, upgrading and repair services
66930Aircraft maintenance and repair equipment
66940Airport equipment
66950Flight training equipment
66960Gliders, hang gliders and paragliders
66970Balloons and airships
70Civil and marine engineering contractors
70020Land clearance and reclamation contractors
70040Demolition and blasting contractors
70060Bomb disposal services
70100Earth-moving, excavation, foundation and tunnelling contractors
70200Transport infrastructure engineering contractors
70250Civil engineering contractors NES
70300Hydroelectric, harbour and inland waterway contractors
70350Spring, well, irrigation and water supply contractors
70400Offshore and underwater work contractors
70500Oil and gas drilling and exploration contractors
70550Mineral prospecting and extraction contractors
70600Power line and cable contractors
70700Road and airport signals contractors
71Building industry
71100Building contractors
71120Building renovation contractors
71140Formwork contractors
71160Building industry contractors
71180Concrete mixing contractors
71190Architectural concrete, decorative concrete contractors
71200Roofing and wall cladding contractors
71240Pipework and tubing installation contractors
71260Plastering contractors
71270Painting and facade coating contractors
71300Flooring, paving and tiling contractors
71320Building insulation and weather-proofing contractors
71350Gas, water, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plant installation and maintenance contractors
71380Industrial and domestic chimney contractors
71400Sports complex and sports ground construction and maintenance contractors
71440Swimming pool installation and maintenance contractors
71460Electrical installation contractors
71470Telecommunication installation contractors
71480Fire protection, safety and security installation contractors. Locksmiths
71600Fitting out and furnishing contractors. Interior decoration/design
71700Fencing contractors
71710Glazing contractors
71720Scaffolding contractors, building protection services
71760Drying out of buildings services
71940Building maintenance services
72Environmental services, renewable energies
72020Biomass energy production equipment, parts and accessories
72060Geothermal and aerothermal energy production equipment, parts and accessories
72100Hydroelectric and tidal energy production equipment, parts and accessories
72140Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar electric equipment
72170Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar electric parts and accessories
72190Wind energy production equipment parts and accessories
72200Hybrid renewable energy production equipment, parts and accessories
72210Air pollution treatment and control equipment
72220Soil pollution treatment and control equipment
72230Noise pollution treatment and control equipment
72240Water, sewage and industrial effluent treatment plant and equipment
72250Pollution control and treatment equipment for marine, river and lake waters
72260Nuclear waste management and nuclear plant dismantling installations and equipment
72270Paper and wood waste collection and recycling equipment
72290Textile waste collection and recycling equipment
72310Glass collection and recycling equipment
72330Plastic and rubber waste collection and recycling equipment
72350Metal waste collection and recycling equipment
72360Construction waste collection and recycling equipment
72370Dangerous and chemical waste collection and recovery equipment
72390Electronic and electric waste collection and recycling equipment
72410Domestic and industrial waste collection and recycling equipment (NES)
72420Waste incinerators, industrial
72430Paper and wood waste collection and recycling services
72440Green waste collection and recycling services
72450Glass collection and recycling services
72460Textile waste collection and recycling services
72470Plastic and rubber waste collection and recycling services
72490Metal waste collection and recycling services
72510Electric and electronic waste collection and recycling services
72520Toxic and chemical waste collection and recycling services
72530Waste collection and recycling services NES
72550Refuse derived fuels (RDF)
72570Incinerator and landfill waste operators
72590Sewage system maintenance
72610Air pollution analysis and treatment services
72630Waste water and water pollution analysis and treatment services
72650Soil pollution analysis and treatment services
72670Noise pollution analysis and treatment services
72690Technical environmental contractors and services NES
72730Air pollution consultants
72750Water pollution consultants
72770Soil pollution consultants
72790Noise pollution consultants
72800Toxic and chemical waste management consultants
72810Domestic and industrial waste management consultants
72830Renewable energy consultants
72870Ecology and environmental consultants NES
72920Environmental research and development
72950Installation and maintenance services for waste collection and recycling equipment
75Transportation and logistic services
75010Road haulage, bulk
75020Road haulage, part loads
75040Road haulage, tanker
75050Road transport services classified by type of freight
75060Road haulage of hazardous materials
75080Road transport scheduled passenger services
75090Tourist coach services
75100Ambulance services
75130Taxi and minicab services
75190Motor vehicle inspection services
75200Motor vehicle breakdown recovery services
75230Tram, trolleybus and bus administration
75240Motorway administration
75260Aerial cableway and lift operators
75290Rail transport services
75310Railway administration
75320Underground and urban railway administration
75350Shipping services, passenger and freight
75380Shipping services, tanker
75390Inland waterway transport services
75420Trawler operators
75430Factory ship operators
75460Stevedoring, harbour and dock services, ship attendance
75470Ships chandlers
75510Ferry services
75520Tug, salvage and offshore shipping services
75530Ship inspection services
75570Port and harbour administration
75580Inland waterway administration
75590Ship registration services
75600Ship classification
75630Air transport services, passenger and freight
75640Air charter services
75660Air services, specialised
75680Airport administration
75690Airport handling agents
75700Airport services
75720Motor vehicle hire and rental services
75740Boat hire services
75760Aircraft hire and rental services, air taxis
75780Shipping and forwarding agents
75800Container and pallet hire and rental services
75820Cargo confirming and inspection services
75840Packaging and crating services for transportation
75860Storage services for liquids
75880Warehouses and storage sites
75900Warehouses, cold storage
75920Warehouse services, specialised
75940Logistics and procurement services
75970Removal and storage
78Hospitality, tourism, hotel and catering industries
78010Hotels and motels
78030Floating hotels
78050Hotel reservation and booking services
78180Holiday camps and tourist complexes
78200Tourism promotion offices
78220Travel agents, tour operators
78350Meeting and greeting services
78480Restaurants and bars
78700Catering services
78920Hotel, restaurant and bar operators
79Postal services, telecommunications, radio and television
79050Land-based telecommunication operators
79090Telecommunications services
79120Postal and courier services
79190Radio and television operators
79200Radio and television broadcasting services
79220Communications satellite operators
79230Services operated by communications satellites
80Services to businesses
80020Management services
80060Project management services
80100Secretarial services
80140Translation services
80300Business management consultants
80310Industrial development consultants
80320Patent and trade mark agents
80330Export consultants and services
80340Financial management consultants and services
80360Accounting services
80370Legal consultants
80380Legal services
80410Legal experts
80420Court bailiffs
80480Human resources (HR) consultants
80490Human resources (HR) services
80500Staff recruitment, research and selection
80510Temporary staff agencies
80570Information management (IM) consultants
80580Information management (IM) services
80590Thematic information and documentation services
80600Office document management services
80610Database information services
80640Marketing and merchandising consultants
80650Economic studies
80660Marketing and merchandising services
80670Direct marketing services
80680After sales services
80690Logistics services
80700Communications consultants
80710Public relations (PR) consultants and services
80720Exhibition and conference organisers
80730Advertising agents
80740Advertising sales agencies
80750Billposting, outdoor advertising services
80770Photographic studios, film processing services
80800Technical drawing services
80850Real estate consultants
80860Property development, management and sales services
80870Conference centres
80880Commercial buildings and business centres
80890Shopping centres
80900Industrial estates
80950Security consultants and services
80960Investigation and private detective services
80980Service agencies for subcontractors
80990Foreign representative offices
81General traders, department and retail stores
81050Fair trade products (trade)
81070General merchants
81090Auxiliary trade activities
81100Importers and exporters
81200Commodity merchants
81220Traders, textile fibres
81240Buying and commission agents
81300Central purchasing organisations
81400Department and chain stores
81450Retail trade
81460Scrap and waste (trade)
81470Second-hand equipment
81480Trade, antiques and collectables
81500Agricultural co-operative associations
81640Mail order organisations
81650Online retailers/e-commerce
81670Experts and auctioneers
81700Vending machine operators
82Financial and insurance services
82010Central banks
82030Commercial banks
82050Offshore banks/banks with restricted licence
82070Investment and merchant banks
82090Building societies and mortgage banks, savings banks
82110Discount houses
82120Foreign bank representation
82140Banking services
82160Moneylenders and pawnbrokers
82180Issuing houses and security underwriters
82200Security brokers
82220Foreign exchange brokers and dealers
82240Commodity brokers and commodity futures brokers and dealers
82250Bill of exchange brokers
82260Financial futures and options brokers
82280Bullion brokers
82300Guarantee funds
82320Currency exchange bureaux
82360Credit reporting and debt recovery/collection
82380Finance houses
82400Credit and charge card organisations
82420Clearing houses
82440Voucher organisations, goods and services
82460Stock and financial futures exchanges
82480Commodity and commodity futures exchanges
82500Financial services: Leasing and leaseback
82520Holding companies and groups of companies
82530Joint ventures
82560Investment companies (trusts)
82580Unit trust management companies
82600Unit trusts
82620Independent financial advisers
82640Life assurance companies
82660General insurance companies
82680Health insurance companies
82700Credit insurance companies
82710Law protection insurance companies
82720Re-insurance companies
82740Foreign insurance companies service offices
82750Foreign insurance company representatives
82760Insurance underwriters
82780Insurance brokers
82800Re-insurance brokers
82860Insurance consultants
82930Loss adjusters and surveyors
83Hire and rental services
83050Hire and rental of agricultural machinery and equipment
83090Hire and rental of industrial machinery, tools and equipment
83130Hire and rental of machinery and equipment for the mining, oil and gas industry
83210Hire and rental of handling machinery and equipment
83250Hire and rental of civil engineering and building industry machinery and equipment
83290Hire and rental of temporary buildings
83320Hire and rental of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
83360Hire and rental of industrial cleaning equipment
83440Hire and rental of industrial textiles
83480Hire and rental of professional and protective clothing
83520Hire and rental of hospital, medical, dental and veterinary equipment
83560Hire and rental of weighing, measuring and testing equipment
83580Hire and rental of controlling, monitoring and security equipment
83600Hire and rental of computers and computer equipment
83640Hire and rental of office machinery, equipment and furniture
83660Hire and rental of vending machines
83680Hire and rental of telecommunications and audio-visual (AV) equipment
83780Hire and rental of studios and television, cinema and theatre equipment
83800Hire and rental of venues for receptions and events
83820Hire and rental of reception and event equipment
83870Hire and rental of sports and leisure equipment
83890Hire and rental of properties and costumes for film and theatre
84Technical offices and engineering consultancies, architects
84120Town and regional planning
84150Tourism and recreational consultants
84160Sports engineering consultants
84170Arts and culture consultants
84200Industrial safety and accident prevention consultants
84220Hospital and physicians' equipment engineering consultants
84250Industrial design consultants
84340Building industry information consultants
84350Geological, geotechnical, geochemical engineering consultants
84360Offshore, coastal and waterway engineering consultants
84380Oil and gas extraction engineering consultants
84600Transportation and traffic engineering consultants
84620Motor vehicle industry engineering consultants
84630Shipbuilding industry engineering consultants
84640Aerospace industry engineering consultants
84650Transport equipment engineering consultants NES
84680Military and space project engineering consultants
84700Electrical engineering consultants
84710Electronic, telecommunications and information technology (IT) engineering consultants
84720Nuclear engineering consultants
84760Mechanical handling engineering consultants
84780Robotics engineering consultants
84800Metallurgy and mechanical engineering consultants
84900Livestock and fishing engineering consultants
84910Agricultural and agronomic engineering consultants
84920Food and beverage processing engineering consultants
84940Chemistry, physics and biological engineering consultants
84970Logistics engineering consultants
85Research and testing
85100Research, general
85120Medical and pharmaceutical research
85150Product research and development
85200Soil exploration and analysis
85300Oceanography and offshore research
85400Meteorological research
85500Spatial and astronomical research
85600Nuclear energy research
85700Gemmological laboratories
85730Materials testing, assaying, analysing and inspection services
85750Testing services for machinery and equipment
85770Testing and inspection services, textile products and clothing
85790Testing services for consumer goods
85810Food testing services
85830Quality control services
85850Calibration services
85870Product certification services
85890Management system certification services
86Education and training
86010Crèches and nursery schools
86040General education schools
86070Technical and professional schools, colleges and institutes
86220Schools and academies, arts and performing arts
86260International schools
86400Training courses, management and human resources
86410Training courses, finance, accounting and assurance
86430Training courses, business, commerce, marketing and advertising
86500Training courses, information and documentation
86520Training courses, computing systems, information technology (IT), internet and multimedia
86540Training courses, manufacturing processes and industrial design
86560Training courses, civil engineering and public works
86590Training courses, medical care, healthcare and social care
86610Training courses, quality, safety and environment
86620Training courses, agriculture, gardening and landscape design
86640Training courses, tourism, hospitality, leisure, public relations and event management
86650Training courses NES
86670Training courses for learners with special educational needs
86710Training courses, distance learning
86730Language schools
86740Diving schools
86750Sailing schools
86760Driving schools
86770Flying schools
86790Training and education consultants
87International organisations, administrations and associations
87100International organisations
87200Diplomatic representatives. Embassies
87250Trade commissions, trade promotion institutes
87300International Chambers of Commerce
87400Public administration
87450Standards organisations
87520Trade associations
87530Trade unions, professional
87580Works councils/joint consultative committees
88Medical care, social services
88100Social services
88400Assistance services for the elderly and the disabled
88500Home and personal services agencies
88800Retirement homes and sheltered accommodation
88900Cemeteries, crematoria and funeral directors
88920Charitable organisations
89Leisure, culture and entertainment
89100Film productions
89110Services for the film and video industry
89120Radio and television productions
89130Cinema, radio and television programme distribution
89140Publishers of videos
89150Audio recording services
89200Music publishers and record labels
89250Publishers, board games and video games
89350Nightclubs and discotheques
89380Clubs and lounges, non-sportive
89400Amusement and leisure parks
89420Sports clubs
89430Sports associations
89450Leisure and sports centres
89500National parks, nature reserves, zoos and botanical gardens
89620Casinos, lotteries, bingo and turf accountants
89630Amusement arcades
89650Ticket agencies
89680Party, entertainment and festival organisers. Events NES
89700Show business agencies for artistes and theatres
89930Cultural associations
89950Museums, art galleries